Applications for the Entrepreneur Scholarship are until September 19th

The State Government will offer 100,000 scholarships to informal self-employed in vulnerable situations in all 645 municipalities of the State of São Paulo. R$100 million will be invested in the action and registrations are due until September 19 on the website of the Bolsa do Povo Program.

The priority is for women, young people, blacks and browns, indigenous people and people with disabilities. In addition to a R$1,000 scholarship paid in two installments of R$500.00, the beneficiaries will also receive qualification and migrate to the formal market.

The idea of ​​the State Government is to benefit around 400 thousand people with the program.


“Bolsa Empreendedor is an action based on three pillars. First, the financial aid that is essential. It is necessary, it is the resource that makes the difference for the entrepreneur to feel supported and advance in his initiative. Then, the qualification, and then there is Sebrae’s important role to guide and prevent the person from making mistakes. And the guidance for formalization, which is also a joint effort between Sebrae, the State Government and City Halls”, said the Governor.

In addition to receiving financial aid, therefore, those registered will participate in a free entrepreneurship course under the Empreendeda Rápido program, with a minimum frequency of 80%. Everyone must also obtain formalization as MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur) or other legal status.

The Bolsa Empreendedor will receive applications from residents, unemployed or informal people over 18 years of age and without CNPJ registration as an entrepreneur, partner or manager of a legal entity. Persons formalized in 2021 will be accepted into the program.

In Bragança Paulista, the courses will be held in partnership with SEBRAE between October 4th and 8th.


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