At Caldeirão, Marcos Mion proves that the success of Worst Clips is eternal – 11/09/2021

During his journey on MTV, Marcos Mion revolutionized a program called Worst Clips, making funny observations about audiovisual works of relevant songs in world music — particularly Brazilian music.

There are those who guarantee that Supla, an egress from the crazy 1980s, was only remembered for the Casa dos Artistas because of the repercussion of the banter that the presenter made of the video Green Hair, which entered the popular bestiary as Japa Girl.

The format became Mion’s calling card wherever he went. It was Descontrole’s great attraction in the Band, guaranteed formidable moments in Legendários da Record, especially when the subject was A Fazenda, a program that he would later assume.

Now at Globo, he repeats the dynamic in two important moments, both at the opening, interacting with popular videos, and at the end, when he carries out the tradition of wallowing in the station’s archives for fun.

Along with Faustão’s Videocassetadas, it is one of the precursors of react, a genre that is particularly successful on the internet. The excellence over two decades, on different stations and for different audiences, shows the breath of the format and the talent of the conductor.

Even with all this background, Marcos Mion gives the impression that he is always just getting started. The new Caldeirão continued a lot of fun in its second showing.

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