Avianca goods auction has 50% off

Several items that belong to the bankruptcy estate of Avianca Brasil (formerly OceanAir) are auctioned until this Monday (13) for 50% of the initial value. There are eight lots in all, which include items such as rooms, a hangar and a shed that were used by the company.

The total number of objects exceeds one million units, including parts, tools, aircraft components and other objects. The company was declared bankrupt in 2020, and stopped flying in 2019, with debts close to R$2.7 billion at the time.

In a first auction attempt, which took place between August 18th and 31st, the expectation was that the total amount raised would be at least US$39.4 million (about R$210 million). However, there were no interested parties, and the second attempt occurs for half of the stipulated minimum value.

If no one is interested in this second stage either, the Court authorized the holding of a third auction, which will end on September 22nd. In the latter, bids without a stipulated minimum value will be accepted, but the judicial administrator may object to the amount collected.

commercial viability

A large part of the materials available for the auction at the auction are parts of Airbus aircraft, the main model operated by the company. This can help attract the interest of buyers, as the pieces still find a market to be used or sold.

Depending on the value of the goods purchased, some items can be sold as scrap, as its value is high, such as composite materials with titanium, common in aviation.


There are eight lots in all, with a total of more than one million items. The auction is carried out by Mega Leilões, and the complete list with the items can be followed on the auctioneer’s website.

The values ​​below are those defined in the expert assessment presented to the Court, and not necessarily those for which each group of items will be awarded. The expert, when defining the prices, has already considered a discount of 50% on the value of the goods, taking into account the state of conservation and lack of use.

See the lots, all located at Congonhas airport (SP):

Lot 1 – Pantaleão Warehouse
The amount: 237 items
Amount: US$ 133,774.27 (BRL 710,341.37)

Lot 2 – Tamoios Hangar
The amount: 53,481 items
Amount: US$ 1,597,180.80 (BRL 8,481,030.05)

Lot 3 – Room 1 Tamoios
The amount: 3768 items
Amount: US$6,467,374.55 (R$34,341,758.86)

Lot 4 – Room 2 Tamoios
The amount: 722,401 items
Amount: US$5,540,220.32 (R$29,418,569.90)

Lot 5 – Room 3 Tamoios
The amount: 53,346 items
Amount: US$1,334,367.74 (BRL 7,085,492.70)

Lot 6 – Tool Room
The amount: 19,815 items
Amount: US$2,467,040.06 (BRL 13,099,982.72)

Lot 7 – Room 4 Pantaleão
The amount: 180,178 items
Amount: US$ 6,085,255.64 (BRL 32,312,707.45)

Lot 8 – Unserviceable Room
The amount: 47,285 items
Amount: US$ 15,793,684.78 (BRL 83,864,466.18)

The amount: 1,080,511 items
Amount: US$39,418,898.16 (R$209,314,349.23)

future auctions

Avianca - Alexandre Saconi - Alexandre Saconi

Kombi that belonged to Avianca Brasil; similar model will be auctioned in September 2021

Image: Alexandre Saconi

The auction of other lots spread across several airports across the country is still scheduled to start on September 28th. They are equipment, machinery, furniture, utensils and other miscellaneous goods at airports such as Galeão (RJ), Santos Dumont (RJ), Florianópolis (SC), Curitiba (PR), Belo Horizonte (MG), Porto Alegre (RS) and Fortaleza (CE).

The total value of these items is around R$ 870 thousand, well below the forecast for the auction of the items in Congonhas (SP). Among the items, there are headsets for airplanes, cabinets, chairs, armchairs, computer items, even airplane tires. There are also vehicles, Kombi and Kangoo models.

Even added together, all amounts that could be collected for the minimum amount in the two auctions remain far from the company’s total debt, which was R$ 2.7 billion when it ended its activities.