Bolsonaro: ‘position against time frame is the end of agribusiness”

Bolsonaro: 'position against time frame is the end of agribusiness”

Photo: Alan Santos/PR

By participating in an event today in Rio Grande do Sul, Jair Bolsonaro defended the time frame for the demarcation and possession of indigenous lands, an issue that is being judged by the STF. It means to say that indigenous people would only have the right to occupy areas that occurred before the 1988 Constitution.

The rapporteur, Edson Fachin, voted this Thursday (9) against a specific date to guarantee the rights of indigenous peoples, when evaluating an extraordinary appeal on the demarcation of lands occupied by indigenous people in 2009, in an environmental reserve in Santa Catarina. “If Minister Fachin’s proposal succeeds, it will be proposed to demarcate new indigenous areas that are equivalent to an entire Southeast region. In other words, it’s the end of agribusiness”, said Bolsonaro, in farsul (Federation of Agriculture of the State of Rio Grande do Sul), inside the Assis Brasil Exhibition Park, in Esteio (RS), metropolitan region of Porto Alegre.

For Fachin, the right of indigenous peoples goes far beyond temporal limits and has been provided for in the Constitution since 1934. The possession of indigenous land, according to the minister, is defined by traditionality, and not by time frame. The trial will continue next Wednesday (15), with the minister’s vote Nunes Marques.

The theme is one of the agribusiness agendas that defends regulation by the National Congress and not by the STF. Indigenous people have been camped in Brasília for weeks, claiming the right to land regardless of when the occupation took place.

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