“boxing is a dirty sport and arbitration is corrupt”

The Bahian boxer Robson Conceição made harsh criticisms of the boxing arbitration, this Saturday, 11. In a very controversial fight held from Friday to Saturday, valid for the title fight in the super-featherweight category (up to 8 kg), the combat judges saw victory of Mexican Oscar Valdez, current champion of the division, double 115 to 112 and a 117 to 110.

The decision shocked the sports community that watched the combat and saw a clear advantage for the Brazilian during practically the entire fight. On his social networks, Robson thanked the affection of everyone who sent a message and classified boxing’s refereeing as “corrupt”, in addition to labeling the sport as “dirty”.

“I’d like to thank everyone who sent a message before and after the fight. You can’t answer them all, because there are too many messages. I’m not here to complain about the result of the fight. Anyone who watched the fight all over the world, saw it and agrees with me. Unfortunately, the boxing is a dirty sport and refereeing is corrupt. I’m firm and strong, I’m happy and the job was done. I used strategy and technique a lot. Head up and let’s go up,” said the Bahian.

Soon after, Robson made a point of showing that he had suffered almost no physical damage during the confrontation, apart from “a few scratches”. He guaranteed that he remains focused and revealed that he will return to Salvador to rest for a while, before resuming training.

“Unfortunately these things happen. My face has only a few scratches. My opponent is certainly completely deformed. I remain strong and determined, with the same focus. Thanks for everyone’s encouragement and I’ll return to Brazil to rest,” added Robson.