Brazilian filmmaker receives award in Venice and criticizes Bolsonaro – Cultura

The film private desert, from the Brazilian filmmaker Aly Muritiba, was awarded in a parallel exhibition of the Venice Festival, which ends this Saturday, 11.

With 62.6% of the votes, the feature won the public’s prize at the Jornadas dos Autores, a competition organized by associations of Italian filmmakers and inspired by the Cannes Filmmakers’ Fortnight.

private desert tells the story of Daniel, an exemplary policeman from Curitiba who ends up putting his career at risk by making a mistake. When Sara, the woman he has a virtual relationship with, stops responding to his messages, he decides to travel to the Northeast to look for her.

In a statement released after the award, Muritiba said that his film is about “encounters” and took the opportunity to criticize the president Jair Bolsonaro. “Since 2016, with the coup that removed a democratically elected president from power, my generation, formed after the military dictatorship, is facing the most dramatic moment of its existence,” he said.

According to the filmmaker, Brazil plunged into a “spiral of hatred that culminated in the rise of a fascist as president.”

“After Bolsonaro’s election, all minorities were systematically persecuted. This age of hatred motivated me when I decided on what my next film would be. I would do a work about encounters. In this moment of hatred, I decided to make a film about love “he added.