Bruno Gagliasso and Gio Ewbank show their baby in Paris for the 1st time

Actor Bruno Gagliasso and presenter Giovanna Ewbank are in Paris, France with the family

The actor Bruno Gagliasso and the presenter Giovanna Ewbank they are enjoying a family trip together with their three children, Titi, eight, Bless, six, and Zyan, one year. The family, who are currently living in Lisbon, Portugal for a season, traveled to Paris in France.

Giovanna Ewbank showed little Zyan at Paris airport. By showing your baby with Bruno Gagliasso, the presenter said: “We arrived son… in the city of light! He’s loving it! Titi is already there making her vlogs, very beautiful and wonderful. Bless is good in the lagoon. I’m going to get this baby, can I get it?”

Afterwards, the presenter even showed the three children walking through the airport with Bruno. Titi and Bless each carried one of their suitcases. Meanwhile, little Zyan was walking on top of a suitcase. When showing the scene, the presenter said: “My loves! Look at this Zyan how smart he is! Just so you can feel what it’s like to travel with three children”.

The presenter also showed the boy Bless walking on top of his suitcase on wheels, almost as if it were a skateboard before the family boarded the flight to Paris. When showing the scene, the famous mom explained: “Look at Bless! Because now he only wants to know about skateboarding, the suitcase turned into a skateboard…and Zyan in the suitcase, Paris here we go!”.

Internet users were just praise for the children of Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank in Paris. “How beautiful! Enjoy the trip a lot!”, commented an internet user. And an internet user also said: “How beautiful your children are!”. One Internet user also stated: “How beautiful your children are! God bless you always!’ And an internet user commented: “Beautiful family! Enjoy this tour a lot”.

Recently, Bruno’s brother Thiago talked about his relationship and also about his nephews. He said that despite being away from his brother after a series of discussions, some of them public, he allows his son to see Bruno if the actor wants to. However, Thiago also stated that he believes Bruno and Giovanna do not authorize him to have a relationship with little Titi, Bless and Zyan.

Bruno Gagliasso's baby at the airport in France

Play Instagram Bruno Gagliasso’s youngest son at Paris airport

Bruno Gagliasso together with his children in Paris

Play Instagram Bruno Gagliasso with three children at Paris airport

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