Caldeirão: Chay Suede becomes a joke by confusing Kelly Key’s music, and sings “Baba” with the singer; watch!

This is so you never get her music wrong again, Chay! Baba, baby! Kkkk This Saturday (11), Chay Suede was one of the guests of the painting “Sobe o Som” at Caldeirão, led by Mion. Against Babu, the star needed to guess a number of songs by the beats… and caused a HILARY scene by kicking a Perlla song instead of Kelly Key!

From the beginning, Chay had difficulty identifying the song and asked for more tips from the band Lúcio Mauro e os Filhos. “It’s not hard this one, let’s feel the vibe”, asked for his double. Then, when he felt confident enough of his suspicions, he got up and started to sing, but… did a mash up, unusual to say the least.

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“At dawn, abandoned, and she doesn’t answer her cell phone! Taking a wave, full of power! It was soft as hell, trembling vacilão! In my hand! Now drool, silly, come running after me! Tira-churum!”, sang Domenico from “Mother’s Love,” mixing Perlla’s “Tremendo Vacilão” and Kelly Key’s “Baba”. “Now I thought it was Kelly Key too, brother… oh boy”, commented, but still kicked Perlla.

The actor, of course, was wrong, and passed his turn to Babu, who along with his partner, girlfriend Lívia Maria, kicked Kelly Key. As soon as the victory was confirmed, the singer entered the stage, stunning, wearing a leather dress Red. To complete the great moment, Kelly and Chay sang together. “Kelly Key, Chay! Kelly Key!”, zoomed her. “Baba, Chay! Babysitter!”, completed Mion.

Kelly showed that he took the mess well. “I don’t mind at all, because I started 20 years ago, so knowing that I was a reference for someone in musical construction is very beautiful”, said the singer. We already want Chay Suede in every edition of Caldeirola…

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