Celebrities Who, Luckily, Survived the Sept. 11 Attacks – Celebrities

Mark Wahlberg, Gwyneth Paltrow and Seth MacFarlane (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Assembly)

Exactly 20 years ago, the 11th of September 2001, went down in history after the entire world witnessed a series of terrorist attacks against the greatest power on the planet, the U.S, carried out by the Islamic fundamentalist organization al-Qaeda.

On the morning of that sunny Tuesday in the middle of the American summer, with a completely clear sky, 19 criminals hijacked four planes from the Boeing (two 757 and two 767, two from the American Airlines and two from United Airlines) that took off from the airports of Boston, Newark and Washington, departing for the California, however, never reached their final destination.

The organization of the founder and supreme leader Osama bin Laden (19572011), managed to carry out the biggest and boldest terrorist attack on US soil in history, they launched their planes against various targets in the country.

Two of the aircraft collided with s twin towers, of World Trade Center, in the heart of New York, one year pentagon, building of the United States Department of Defense of America, in WAshington, and the fourth that targeted the US Congress, fell close to Shanksville, at Pennsylvania.

The consequences of that day, however, last for two decades and drastically changed the way the country behaves today.

The attacks killed 2,996 people, including the 19 kidnappers and left more than 6,000 injured as a direct result of terrorist actions.

However, as painful as the situation was, many people managed to survive 9/11 and had a second chance amidst the horror scenes.

Michael Jackson

The singer Michael (19582009) had scheduled a meeting at the top of the twin towers, on September 11, 2001. However, the star missed the appointment time, as he was talking to his mother until dawn on the phone.

Jermaine Jackson, the artist’s brother, commented on the episode in the memory book You are not alone: ​​Michael: Through a brother’s eyes (2011).

“Fortunately, none of us had any idea that Michael was having a meeting that morning at one of the Twin Towers. We just found out when the mother [Katherine Jackson] called the hotel to see if he was okay. she, rebbie [Jackson] and some others had left it there around 3:00 in the morning,” he said.

Michael followed the movement of the attacks on television and told the matriarch of the Jackson 5 how she saved his life without even realizing it. He said, “Mom, I’m fine, thanks to you. You kept talking to me so late that I overslept and missed the appointment.”

Despite surviving one of the biggest terrorist attacks in the world, the king of pop died, eight years later the victim of an overdose of medicine.
Michael Jackson (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Seth MacFarlane

the creator of the series family guy, Seth MacFarlane, arrived late at the airport, and was unable to board flight 11 at American Airlines, one of the commercial planes hijacked and used for the attack.

The director and screenwriter waiting for the next flight at the airport, was informed through local news about the terrorist attacks.
Seth MacFarlane (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Mark Wahlberg

Mark was about to board flight 11. However, around the time of boarding, the actor changed plans at the last minute and decided to charter a jet and go with his friends to Toronto, at the canada, to attend a film festival.
MarkWahlberg (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Sarah Fergunson

Sarah, former wife of Prince Andrew, was supposed to have been on the 101st floor when the plane crashed into one of the towers of World Trade Center.

the duchess of York I had a meeting scheduled in the morning of September 11th, with the charity, chances for children, but he could not attend the appointment and was saved.

SarahFergunson (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress was not supposed to be on any of the hijacked planes, nor did she have commitments in the building. However, the story that involves Gwyneth and an anonymous girl called Lara Lundstrom Clarke.

Lara was on his way to the office at World Trade Center, where I worked on the 77th floor, when a car almost ran over and the driver was none other than the artist. The scare made her late and ended up losing the meter.

“If I had entered the first subway, I would have been sitting at my desk on the 77th floor of the second tower of the World Trade Center that morning,” he recalled. Lundstrom to the newspaper New York Times.

Paltrow confirmed the story and revealed that he received a letter from Lara.

“Basically what happened was that I had a yoga class very early that day. I was coming home and that was the morning of 9/11, so I knew right away what that meant and a girl was crossing the street distractedly. We stopped at the same time and waited for a long time,” he said.

“Ten years later I get a letter from this woman, saying that she was late for work that day. We had that meeting on the street and then she went to Christopher Street station to take her train to the World Trade Center where she worked. It’s not seventy-seventh floor of the south tower, but he had just left. So she told me that if it hadn’t been our meeting, his life would have taken a very different turn.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Rob Lowe

Eleven days before the tragedy, the terrorists took a test flight to see if the ceramic knives would pass through airport security systems.

Rob, traveled to Washington DC, to record the series the west wing and was sitting next to Zechariah Moussaoui, identified months later as one of the perpetrators of the attacks.

“I flew with the kidnappers without even realizing it,” he revealed. Lowe he was shocked to learn that his life was in danger. The actor was later called to court to testify against the terrorist.

“It was 11 days before the attack, nothing looked suspicious, nobody looked like a terrorist.”

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)