Chay Suede singing, Joelma’s show and more! See everything that happened in ‘Sobe o Som’ of ‘Caldeirão’ | cauldron

Marcos Mion is rocking the Caldeirão and has an attraction that has already conquered the public and has animated Saturday afternoons: turn up the sound, a fun musical dispute in which famous people have to guess which hits are being played on stage by a band led by none other than Lucio Mauro Filho!

This Saturday, 9/11, the guests were Chay Suede, who took his friend, Caio Fabricius, and Babu Santana, who went with his girlfriend, Livia Maria.

Joelma sings 'A Lua Traiu'

Joelma sings ‘A Lua Traiu’

It wasn’t until Joelma got on stage to sing that everyone got up off the couch to dance! But what really caught my attention was the message she left after the presentation: the return of the Calypso band!

“It’s a tour. But I’ll make it very clear, guys: not going back to the ex! It’s one hundred percent mine. We’re preparing a really cool show.”

As a singer, he is a great actor 🤣

Chay Suede even tried and was a believer, a believer that he had got the song right — he was so confident that he insisted on showing his vocal skills and singing the lyrics to trembling fluctuation, success of perlla, on the Cauldron stage. Too bad it wasn’t right!

Kelly Key, Johnny Hooker and Israel & Rodolff they were also present among the attractions of Sobe o Som and left the audience shocked by Marcos Mion’s ability to walk among all kinds of audiences, changing from one artist to another so different so easily! This is Mionzera! 👏👏👏

Kelly Key sings 'Baba'

Kelly Key sings ‘Baba’

Johnny Hooker sings 'Under Pressure'

Johnny Hooker sings ‘Under Pressure’

Israel and Rodolffo sing 'Cherry Lipstick'

Israel and Rodolffo sing ‘Cherry Lipstick’