Check out Roraima’s ranking on internet speed

A survey carried out by the platforms Melhor Plano and Minha Conexão showed that the average broadband internet speed in Brazil is 58.18 Mbps.

The result was obtained with more than 15 million internet speed tests carried out on the websites between January and June this year.

According to the study released by the UOL portal, the best internet is in the Midwest region, while the North point deals with the slowest internet of all.

These tests take into account factors such as latency, which is the response time between a command and its return, as well as the download and upload speed from that network.

Roraima appears in 24th position. Piauí leads with the best average in the country, while Sergipe is the slowest. Check the ranking:

  1. Piauí: 88.4 Mbps;
  2. Amapá: 70.88 Mbps;
  3. Goiás: 69.3 Mbps;
  4. Federal District: 69.01 Mbps;
  5. Mato Grosso: 68.89 Mbps;
  6. Minas Gerais: 65.78 Mbps;
  7. São Paulo: 65.73 Mbps;
  8. Rio de Janeiro: 65.4 Mbps;
  9. Rio Grande do Sul: 63.44 Mbps;
  10. Santa Catarina: 61.68 Mbps;
  11. Ceará: 61.31 Mbps;
  12. Maranhão: 56.34 Mbps;
  13. Paraná: 55.36 Mbps;
  14. Rondônia: 52.82 Mbps;
  15. Paraíba: 51.86 Mbps;
  16. Rio Grande do Norte: 51.61 Mbps;
  17. Tocantins: 50.82 Mbps;
  18. Mato Grosso do Sul: 50.73 Mbps;
  19. Espírito Santo: 50.53 Mbps;
  20. Pernambuco: 45.46 Mbps;
  21. Amazon: 45.23 Mbps;
  22. Para: 45.21 Mbps;
  23. Acre: 43.3 Mbps;
  24. Roraima: 42.05 Mbps
  25. Bahia: 34.97 Mbps;
  26. Alagoas: 34.76 Mbps;
  27. Sergipe: 29.06 Mbps.


Melhor Plano started its activities in 2015 and acts as a marketplace, offering end consumers tools to compare prices and services offered by third parties, in order to help them in taking decisions for contracting financial and telecommunications services.

The company also has a Minha Conexão speed tester, available on its website and application, where users can check the quality of their internet connection and receive recommendations for similar offers after the test.