Chico Buarque asks for R$ 44,000 in action against Eduardo Leite; understand – Politics

'Just see in Chico Buarque and S
‘It’s enough to see in Chico Buarque and Srgio Reis two musical beauties and not just two political choices,’ says Eduardo Leite, criticizing the political polarization (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Singer and composer Chico Buarque entered the Justice against the governor of Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Eduardo Leite (PSDB). In the action, the politician is accused of using the image and name of the artist without authorization in a video released on the eve of the Sete de Setembro holiday.

Chico represented by lawyer Joo Tancredo. The process calls for the immediate removal of the material from social networks, in addition to compensation in the amount of 40 minimum wages – around R$ 44 thousand.

In the video entitled “No one will steal the colors of Brazil”, Eduardo Leite criticizes what he calls “Brazil against them” and says that the country “needs to return to the center”. It then states that the best way to celebrate independence is “being independent”.

“Just accept it, talk to our differences. Just see in Chico Buarque and Srgio Reis two musical beauties and not just two political choices”, suggests the governor.

The singer’s lawyer commented the court action. “People use their image or make offenses as a result and think everything will be fine. And it can’t be that way. This has consequences. You want to use someone’s brand without authorization, it will have consequences”, said Tancredo, to the G1.

According to him, Chico Buarque is averse to lawsuits, “but there are times when there is no other way out. As we defend tooth and nail the democratic rule of law, the path is the Judiciary”, he argued.

“They didn’t understand the video”

Governor Gacho’s office spoke about the case through a note. “The legal office that represents Chico Buarque has every right to seek justice, but they did not understand the video. There was nothing of what was alleged and no disrespect to anyone’s image. And this will be clear in our defense because, when watching the full video, it is evident that the mention to the name of Chico Buarque is presented as an artist and public figure, not bringing any undue or distorted use of his image, just emphasizing that in his music, as well as in Srgio Reis’s , two musical styles should be seen, and not two political choices, valuing the need for harmonious coexistence.The distorted action, claiming that the video would indicate the adhesion of Chibo Buarque to the Eduardo Leite campaign, which, of course, is not the case, even due to ideological differences”, says the text.