Chico Buarque goes to court against RS governor for misuse of image | Rio de Janeiro

Singer and composer Chico Buarque filed a lawsuit against the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite (PSDB). According to the artist’s defense, the politician used, without authorization, the name and images of Chico Buarque in a video that is being released on his social networks.

According to the lawyer João Tancredo, which represents the singer in the action, they seek the immediate removal of the material from the internet and the value of 40 minimum wages as compensation.

Until the last update of this article, Governor Eduardo Leite had not yet commented on the process.

“As the video is circulating, we had to take immediate action. This spreads like wildfire,” said the lawyer.

Tancredo also commented that Eduardo Leite made political use of the work and the name of Chico Buarque, without the artist’s authorization.

“People use your image or make offenses as a result of this and they think everything will be fine. And it can’t be like that. This has consequences. You want to use someone’s brand without authorization, it will have consequences. Chico Buarque is averse to the process, and he is absolutely right. The process is a bad thing, but there are times when there is no other way out. As we defend tooth and nail the democratic rule of law, the path is the Judiciary”, concluded João Tancredo.