Clubs take legal action to prevent the presence of the public at Flamengo games

Eighteen clubs from Serie A of the Brazilian Championship appealed to the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) to try to suspend the injunction granted to Flamengo, which allows the public to attend three test events in Maracanã (RJ).

The petition, filed this Friday (11), was headed by Palmeiras. Flamengo will not comment on the case.

The objective of the clubs is for the courts to reconsider the decision that favors the Rio team, either by immediately repealing the injunction that allows fans to enter the stadiums or by partially suspending the release until the date scheduled for the judgment of the action, scheduled for 23 of September.

Besides Flamengo, Atlético Mineiro and Cuiabá did not sign the document headed by Palmeiras.

Galo did not participate in the action as it also has a court injunction that authorizes the entry of fans in the arenas located in Belo Horizonte.

However, through a note, the club said that it intends to follow the majority decision and will only use the court decision if the red-black team’s injunction is not overturned.

Cuiabá, on the other hand, also in an official statement, confirmed that it did not join the movement against Flamengo and did not even ask for authorization from the Court to release the entry of fans in Brazilian Championship games.

The club “will wait for the meeting between all teams on the next September 28th and hopes that there is a consensus for the release [de torcedores] from October 2nd,” says the note.

The action, received yesterday by the STJD, was signed by São Paulo, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos, Fortaleza, Bahia, Internacional, Grêmio, Athletico, Ceará, Red Bull Bragantino, Fluminense, Juventude, Sport, América-MG, Chapecoense and Atlético- GO.

Asked about the merits of the petition filed against Flamengo, the president of Palmeiras, Maurício Galiotte, stated that “through this initiative, we are working towards the union of clubs and the equality of the competition”.

Last Wednesday (8), the CNN found that a meeting between the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and the 19 clubs in the A series – with the exception of Flamengo – decided that the games of national competitions will continue without the presence of the public.

The meeting stipulated that the return should take place in early October.

“The 19 clubs participating in the Technical Council unanimously decided that the public will only return to the A Series matches of the Brazilian Championship when the public authorities of all cities of the participating clubs authorize it, guaranteeing total equality in the competition”, he says. an excerpt from the statement released by the CBF.

By not attending the meeting, Flamengo published a note stating that the decision on the gradual resumption of the public “is not up to the clubs or the CBF”.

If the red-black team’s injunction is maintained, the matches, which had the consent of the city of Rio de Janeiro, will occupy 35% to 50% of the Maracanã Stadium’s total capacity.

The first game scheduled to receive fans is Flamengo against Grêmio, next Wednesday (15), in a match valid for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.

The first leg, which had the Porto Alegre team’s field command, did not have the presence of spectators.