Corinthians sponsor projects 20 million fan tokens sold by Corinthians in five years

Corinthians launched the sale of fan tokens this month through Mercado Bitcoin, the brokerage that sponsors the club. After the success presented, the director Fabrício Tota made an optimistic projection about the next five years. According to him, Timão will have 20 million deals for the digital asset in the period.

“Partner brokers can list the clubs’ tokens. holds the initial offer. There will be 20 million tokens, considering the initial offer, 40 million dollars. The tokens are being placed on the market. At first, 850,000 were placed . It is limited, and the fact that it is limited makes it more attractive. Of these 850,000, there were no new ones. Only customers who bought and brought to trade. Bought for two dollars, thinks it will go up. Strategy,” Tota pointed out to the Globe Sports.

Afterwards, he spoke about the partnership with Corinthians and his intentions for the brand.

“We’ve been very close to Socios for some time. We have other football-related products and we follow the market. There is a cool opportunity with this entry, it enhances our reach. Precisely putting the brand on an involved club. On a club that is not directly involved. it’s cool, but now I have a great reason to put my brand on Corinthians,” he informed.

The date and quantity available for the next offer has not yet been announced. In one day on the secondary market, Timão’s token moved R$ 20 million in trading volume and more than one million tokens were traded. In other words, there are 850,000 so far, but as they can be sold several times, the volume may be greater than the existing quantity.

The value increased and is at R$ 15. Before that, the offer was R$ 10, corresponding to U$ 2. The contract has a duration of five years and Corinthians leaders have already publicly stated that the expectation is to generate dozens million, which will be divided between the club and the partner company.

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