Covid-19 vaccine: Triângulo, Alto Paranaíba and Noroeste de MG receive more than 110 thousand doses in the 48th and 49th batches | Mining Triangle

the cities of Triângulo Mineiro, Alto Paranaíba and Northwest of Minas Gerais started to receive more than 110,000 doses of vaccines from Pfizer and CoronaVac. The immunizers are part of the 48th and 49th batches sent by the State Department of Health (SES-MG).

In all, the three regions will receive 68,256 doses of Pfizer and 42,300 doses of CoronaVac; see below for the total amount by municipality. Distribution started on Friday (10).

According to SES-MG, 627,945 immunizers were sent by the Ministry of Health to the state.

According to According to the State Department of Health of Minas Gerais (SES-MG), the 48th and 49th batches will be for the care of people by descending age group.

If the municipality has completed the vaccination schedule of all people in a priority group, and have a dose available, may advance in the immunization of other priority groups listed by the National Immunization Program (PNI), of the Ministry of Health.

According to the State, the 48th shipment has doses from Pfizer. The 49th batch has vaccines from CoronaVac and Pfizer. See below the total amount after the sum of the immunizing agents per municipality that is part of the TV Integration coverage area:

Doses sent to URS Uberlândia and division by municipalities

Countyto doCoronaVac
abbey of the gilts600
rich gravel300
Golden Quarry240
southern star228140
Iraí de Minas204120
Monte Alegre de Minas1320
Mount Carmel1,200780
New Bridge456300

Doses sent to URS Uberaba and division by municipalities

Countyto doCoronaVac
long water180
Flower field234160
High Fields402280
Commander Gomes11460
Conceição das Alagoas762500
West lime tree252140
little silver11460
Saint Juliana390280
St. Francis de Sales540
Union of Mines11480

Doses sent to URS Patos de Minas and division by municipalities

Countyto doCoronaVac
Brasilândia de Minas432300
Carmo do Paranaíba2100
Fortaleza Cruise8460
Head Guard162100
João Pinheiro1,356800
Formosa Lagoon432280
Great Lagoon246160
Minas ducks4,2122,560
President Olegário504320
Paranaíba River384220
Santa Rosa da Serra9060
São Gonçalo do Abaeté204140
Saint Gotthard900640
Serra do Salitre318200
Varjão de Minas210140

Doses sent to URS Ituiutaba and division by municipalities

Countyto doCoronaVac
golden waterfall240
meadow green1500
Santa Vitória474320

Doses sent to Paracatu, which is at the URS in Unaí

Countyto doCoronaVac

According to SES-MG, with the increase in the frequency of sending vaccines by the Ministry of Health, the State needed to adapt to it. Thus, the state government will carry out the distribution according to the following plan:

  • Shipments arriving on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: distribution from Monday and continuity in the following days;
  • Shipments arriving on Monday and Tuesday: distribution from Wednesday and continuity in the following days;
  • Shipments arriving on Wednesday, Thursday: distribution from Friday and continuity in the following days.

Also according to the State Department of Health, the logistics of sending vaccines depends on planning with the 14 macro-regions, and alignment between the SES-MG and security forces, the 28 Regional Health Units and others involved, to carry out the delivery to the 853 municipalities without compromising the safety of immunization agents.

Vaccine shipments already delivered to MG

Until the day august 18th, Minas Gerais received 45 batches of Covid-19 vaccines sent by the Ministry of Health. However, SES-MG clarified to the G1 that the second and third shipments – as well as the 23rd and 24th, the 35th and 36th, 37th and 38th, the 39th and 40th, the 44th and 45th and the 46th and 47th – were sent together to the 28 URS, and the 17th, with doses from Pfizer, it stayed in Belo Horizonte, which explains why the municipalities received 39 shipments and not 47.

  • January 18: 577,480 doses of CoronaVac
  • January 24: 190,500 doses of AstraZeneca
  • January 25: 87,600 doses of CoronaVac
  • February 7: 315,600 doses of CoronaVac
  • February 24: 357,400 doses of CoronaVac and AstraZeneca
  • March 2: 285,200 doses of CoronaVac
  • March 9: More than 300,000 doses of CoronaVac
  • March 17: 509,800 doses of CoronaVac
  • March 20: 542,550 doses of CoronaVac and AstraZeneca
  • March 26: 475,600 doses of CoronaVac and AstraZeneca
  • April 1: 1,016,650 doses of CoronaVac and AstraZeneca
  • April 8: 478,150 doses of CoronaVac and AstraZeneca
  • April 16: 701,200 doses of CoronaVac and AstraZeneca
  • April 23: 316.75 doses of CoronaVac and AstraZeneca
  • April 29: 589,800 doses of CoronaVac and AstraZeneca
  • May 1st: 30,400 doses of CoronaVac
  • May 3: 676,250 doses of AstraZeneca and 50,310 doses of Pfizer
  • May 10: 396,500 doses of AstraZeneca, 100,200 doses of CoronaVac, and 112,320 doses of Pfizer
  • May 13 and 14: 101,600 doses of CoronaVace 422,750 doses of AstraZeneca (day 13) and 207,800 doses of CoronaVac (day 14)
  • May 18: 435,500 doses of AstraZeneca, 8,200 doses of CoronaVac and 64,350 doses of Pfizer
  • May 26: 561,750 doses of AstraZeneca and 60,840 doses of Pfizer
  • June 2nd and 3rd: 561,750 doses from AstraZeneca and 60,840 doses from Pfizer
  • June 8: 237,510 doses from Pfizer
  • June 9: 362,750 doses of AstraZeneca
  • June 18: 235,170 doses from Pfizer and 273,000 doses from CoronaVac
  • June 21: 862,000 doses of AstraZeneca
  • June 24: 346,800 doses of CoronaVac, 281,970 doses of Pfizer and 149,550 doses of Janssen
  • June 30: 624,500 doses of AstraZeneca arrive in Minas, on July 1st, a further 112,320 doses of the Pfizer vaccine and, on July 3rd, a further 342,300 doses of Janssen, 304,750 doses of AstraZeneca and 219,960 doses of Pfizer
  • July 9: 271,440 doses from Pfizer and 79,600 doses from CoronaVac
  • July 15: 379,750 doses of AstraZeneca
  • July 19: 171,400 doses of CoronaVac and, on July 20, 550,050 doses of AstraZeneca and 120,510 doses of Pfizer
  • July 27: 330,600 doses from CoronaVac, 209,430 from Pfizer and 103,260 from AstraZeneca. On the 28th, another 234,750 doses of AstraZeneca arrive in Minas
  • July 30: 351,000 from Pfizer and 290,200 from CoronaVac
  • August 4: 118,400 from CoronaVac and 221,130 from Pfizer
  • August 6: 784,130 doses of vaccine arrive in the state, with 349,830 from Pfizer, 425,650 from AstraZeneca and 8,650 from Janssen
  • August 7th: 437,210 doses arrive in Minas, being 141,200 from Coronavac and 296,010 from Pfizer
  • August 13: 420,110 doses arrive in the state, with 266,760 doses from Pfizer, 104,250 from Astrazeneca and 257,480 from CoronaVac
  • August 18: 947,810 arrive in Minas, 453,960 doses from Pfizer, 301,250 from Astrazeneca and 192,600 from CoronaVac
  • August 20: 825,190 doses of CoronaVac and Pfizer
  • August 22: 205,600 doses of CoronaVac, 214,110 doses of Pfizer and 367,250 doses of AstraZeneca
  • Aug 26: 714,230 doses of CoronaVac and Pfizer;
  • August 30: 282,040 doses of Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines;
  • September 1: 425,360 doses of Pfizer, Coronavac and Astrazeneca vaccines;
  • September 3: 284,592 doses from Pfizer on September 3 and 429,800 doses from CoronaVac and 176,172 doses from Pfizer on September 4;
  • 48th shipment + 49th shipment (accounted for by the municipalities as the 40th shipment): 276,053 doses of Pfizer on September 7th and 129,252 doses of Pfizer and 222,640 doses of CoronaVac on September 9th;
  • Total: 24,071,681 doses.

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