Cuiabá beats Juventude away from home and approaches the G-6

With the tie, the game became agile and with chances for both sides. Both teams invested in dangerous crosses, but it was Cuiabá who got the advantage once again. At 22, Jenison received a cross inside the penalty area, dominated by clearing the defense and kicked left-handed. Ball in the net.

With the goal, coach Jorginho, from Cuiabá, chose to retreat the team. Juventude invested in attacks from the wings, especially with crosses into the penalty area. Goalkeeper Walter, however, got the ball in most opportunities.

Clayson is sent off and confronts the referee

In the last moments of the game, forward Clayson, from Cuiabá, received a yellow card for a complaint and continued to face the referee. Ramon Abatti Abel decided to expel the player, who even challenged the referee on account of the decision. He had to be restrained by his teammates before leaving the field.


Reason: 20th round of the Series A of the Brazilian Championship
Date and time: September 11, 2021, at 5 pm (GMT)
Local: Alfredo Jaconi Stadium, in Caxias do Sul (RS)
Referee: Caio Max Augusto Vieira (RN)
Assistants: Jean Marcio dos Santos (RN) and Lorival Candido das Flores (RN)
VAR: Pathrice Wallace Corrêa Maia (RJ)
Goals: Quintero (Youth, against), at 46′ of the first half (0-1); Guilherme Castilho (Youth), at 9′ of the second half (1-1); Jenison (Cuiabá), at 22′ of the second half (1-2)
Yellow card: Dawhan (JUV), João Lucas (CUI), Marcos Vinicios (JUV), Elton (CUI), Jenison (CUI), Yuri Lima (CUI), Clayson (CUI), William Matheus (JUV)
Red card: Clayson (CUI)

Youth: Marcelo Carné, Paulo Henrique (Nico Castillo), Quintero, Vitor Mendes, William Matheus, Jadson (Chico), Guilherme Castilho, Dawhan (Marcos Vinicios), Wagner (Bruno Lima), Paulinho Bóia (Roberson) and Ricardo Bueno. Technician: Marquinhos Santos.

Cuiabá: Walter, João Lucas (Lucas Ramon), Marllon, Paulão, Uendel, Auremir (Yuri Lima), Camilo, Rafael Gava (Anderson Conceição), Jonathan Cafu (Danilo Gomes), Elton (Jenison) and Clayson. Technician: Jorge.