Daniel Alves removal reopens dispute on the right side of São Paulo; see options | São Paulo

With the number 10 in the cast, the position was practically monopolized by him. At 38, the player was considered the best player for many years and, in São Paulo, he rarely went to the bank.

The imminent termination of the veteran’s contract with Tricolor, therefore, makes room for other players to fight for a spot in the starting lineup for the 2021 streak.

Who emerges as favorite is Igor Vinicius. Since 2019 at São Paulo, the 24-year-old has been a starter on many occasions in his first two seasons, when Daniel Alves played in midfield. He won the dispute from veteran Juanfran, who has already left the club.

Igor Vinicius São Paulo x Railway — Photo: Marcos Riboli

With Hernán Crespo, Igor Vinicius is one of the most used reserves of the season. In Daniel Alves’ absences due to injury, call-up or suspension, the full-back was chosen practically every time.

Of the 49 Tricolor games in the season, Igor Vinicius played 29. In Brasileirão, for example, there are already 12 matches played, six more than the shirt 10.

This Sunday, however, Igor Vinicius will be suspended and will not face Fluminense, at 8:30 pm, at Maracanã, for the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship.

The immediate replacement on this occasion would be Orejuela, but he felt pain in his thigh in training on Thursday and is not related to the duel.

Orejuela in Rentistas x São Paulo — Photo: Staff images /CONMEBOL

Even 100%, however, the situation of the Colombian is complicated in São Paulo. One of the club’s biggest signings for the season, the full-back had few opportunities and was not even listed on several occasions.

The lack of sequence makes Orejuela have only eight games played by Tricolor. He has a goal scored and an assist.

With no right-backs available, Crespo should choose to start the match against Fluminense with Galeano in the role. The striker has already been used in the sector in the Campeonato Paulista.

The coach’s idea with this attempt is to give more speed to the attack and get more finishes at the bottom line.

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Galeano training at São Paulo — Photo: Erico Leonan / saopaulofc