Debby Lagranha’s son is born! See the baby’s first photo:

Debby Lagranha’s second child was born with her husband Leandro Amieiro

The second son of the digital influencer and veterinarian was born Debby Lagrana with her husband Leandro Amieiro. They are already the parents of little Maria Eduarda, eight years old, and now they have just become parents of the boy Arthur!

The baby was born on September 10 through a cesarean delivery. He came into the world at 9:49 pm and was born weighing 3,415 kilos and measuring 49.5 centimeters. Debby Lagrana announced the birth of her son with beautiful pictures of the newborn soon after birth and also of the little one meeting his sister Maria Eduarda.

In introducing her newborn son, Debby said: “He’s already arrived like this, showing him why he came! Baby boy in the area!”. Leandro, on the other hand, declared to his newborn saying: “The fisherman is already in the area! Welcome puppy…may you never lack health and be very happy! It came to complete the family and make everything even more excited!”.

Debby Lagrana also showed and talked about the meeting of his youngest son with his eldest son. “The most awaited time is Duda’s meeting with Arthur! In a little while Duda will be arriving to meet her brother!”, she said shortly before the meeting. And then, showing her eldest daughter holding her youngest son, Debby said, “She’s just stop kissing him and laughing!”

Several famous people were just praise for little Arthur and congratulated the couple. “Happiness to you! Much health! May this baby bring many blessings! All the best for you! I miss you,” said digital influencer Kamilla Salgado. And the synchronized swimming twins Bia and Branca Feres said: “Congratulations! Much light and love for your family! Rain of blessings!”.

Lilian Aragão, wife of Renato Aragão with whom Debby worked for many years during her childhood, commented: “Beautiful! Congratulations! Much health, peace, love and happiness”. And digital influencer Camila Colombo commented: “Welcome Arthur! Friend, congratulations to this beautiful family that I love!”.

Debby Lagrana and her newborn

Play Instagram Debby Lagranha with her newborn right after delivery

Meeting of Debby Lagranha's children

Play Instagram The meeting of Debby Lagranha’s two children, Arthur and Duda

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