Did you see? Garoto builds mini-farm on family property

The boy Emanuel, only 11 years old, took his passion for the countryside to a new level, and with great dedication he built a mini-farm on the property where he lives with his family in the Santa Catarina municipality of Ponte Alta. This was the most accessed content of the week. In addition, vertical farms in food production, highlights of Expointer and the impacts of hurricane Ida on the grain market were highlighted.

Check out the top 5 in the agriculture category:

5 – Hurricane Ida: analyst forecasts changes in grain prices in ports


Photo: Ports of Paraná

According to an analyst, after the passage of hurricane Ida across the United States, it could result in higher prices for grain in ports. In addition, the flow through the Gulf of Mexico, one of the main shipping ports for soybeans, corn and wheat in the United States will also be harmed. see more.

4 – 40 ton floating machine is one of the highlights of Expointer

More than 90% of the business volume closed at Expointer, one of the largest fairs in Latin America, comes from sales of agricultural machinery and implements. This year, one of the new features is a 40-ton amphibious excavator that floats. Learn more in the article.

3 – Embrapa bets on vertical farms that can benefit food production

Vertical farms already employ at least 200 million people and account for about 20% of the world’s food production. In addition, they also play an important role in food security in developing countries. Check out more details in the article.

2 – Bolsonaro calls a meeting with the Council of the Republic

Photo: Fábio Rodrigues Pozzebom/Agência Brasil

President Jair Bolsonaro called a meeting of the Council of the Republic. The council formed by other political leaders has the function of debating interventions to guarantee the stability of democracy in times of crisis. The summons took place during the president’s participation in the September 7 demonstrations. read more.

1 – Childhood in the countryside: boy builds a mini-farm on family land

mini farm

Photo: Epagri

Using earth, sand, sticks, string and a lot of imagination, the 11-year-old Emanuel created a mini-farm in the back of the family’s rural property. There are crops there, a fence for the animals, a dam, trees and even a shed to store the truck and tractor. Discover the mini-farm.