Find out who the artists are outside of A Fazenda 13 with Adriane Galisteu

The column found that the Record TV received several ‘no’s’ during the casting of The Farm 13. Among the names that declined the invitation from the Barra Funda broadcaster to participate in the rural reality show were: Carlinhos Maia, Jesus Light, MC Carol, Latin, Aline Scratched, MC Livinho, Ellen Roche, Ney Lima, Gracyanne Barbosa, Pedro Scooby, among others.

According to sources, the names mentioned in this article are quoted for the next edition of Big Brother Brasil, which is scheduled to premiere on January 24, 2022.


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Mamacita out of the field

As anticipated, Record TV invited Karol Conka to participate in the thirteenth edition of The farm. But the controversial participant of the Big of the Bigs would have declined the tempting proposal.

Karol Conká (Publishing/Rede Globo)

Since the fee offered to her was around R$ 200 thousand reais. A very high value compared to that offered to the other participants of the attraction that will be led by Adriane Galisteu from next September 14th. It seems that the ‘mamacita’ doesn’t want to be canceled a second time.

BBB 22

Big Brother Brazil only opens in 2022, but the list with the names of the famous who are quoted for the attraction only grows. After the success of Big of the Bigs, a Globe it will not change the dynamics regarding the choice of participants for the edition that is scheduled to premiere on January 24, 2022.

Ana Clara Lima (Publishing/TV Globo)

cute will keep the group Popcorn composed of anonymous people who register spontaneously to participate in the attraction and the group Cabin which brings together artists who are invited directly by the program’s staff. These names will be revealed on January 18, 2022.