Five Northeastern States Call for Suspension of Petrobras’ Deceptive Advertising About Gasoline – Business

The attorney general’s offices of the Federal District and 12 Brazilian states – being five from the northeast – filed a public civil action against the Petrobras for the removal of misleading advertising about the composition of the price of fuel. The document is from the last 9th of September.

According to the action, the advertisement induces the consumer to think that state taxes are the main responsible for the increase in the cost of gasoline in Brazil.

Published in September this year, the advertisement says that the state-owned company keeps only R$ 2 of each liter of gasoline sold.

See the advertisement mentioned in the action:

The National College of Attorneys General of the States and the Federal District (Conpeg) included, in the text, the calculation of the fuel cost to prove the percentage of taxes on the final value.


“By giving partial information, omitting data relevant information about the characteristics, qualities and properties of the products, the company induces the consumer to think that the value of ‘gasoline’ is lower than it actually is, creating the impression that the share of taxes is much higher than the value of the product itself, that is, it induces the consumer to the erroneous impression that a liter of ‘gasoline’ it could cost as little as R$ 2 while they are being charged R$ 6.00 or more,” says the lawsuit.

In all, five states in the Northeast signed the document. Ceará was left out. They were:

  • Bahia
  • Maranhão
  • Pernambuco
  • Piauí
  • Sergipe

In addition to the urgent suspension of Petrobras advertising, under penalty of a daily fine, the action calls for another piece to be made to “correctly clarify to the consumer about the composition of the value of gasoline” and “to undo the harmful effects of the misleading advertising it conveys”.

The document also demands payment of compensation for collective pain and suffering from Petrobras. States in the North, South, Southeast and Midwest regions also filed the lawsuit. See what they were:

  • Amapá
  • Amazons
  • For
  • Federal District
  • Holy Spirit
  • Goiás
  • Minas Gerais
  • Rio Grande do Sul

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