From the long flirtation to the official announcement; see details of the hiring of David Luiz by Flamengo | Flamengo

A meeting held at a hotel in São Paulo, on Saturday afternoon, confirmed the hiring of David Luiz by Flamengo. A strong reinforcement that required patience and strategy until the fans saw the long-awaited official announcement. Now the ball is with the defender.

+ David Luiz signs with Flamengo and is announced as the third reinforcement of the Renato Gaúcho era

Marcos Braz, Júlio Taran, David Luiz, Bertolucci and Bruno Spindel – Flamengo — Photo: Personal archive

Even motivated by the challenge of wearing the Flamengo shirt and fighting for titles, David Luiz is concerned about how the family will adapt to Rio de Janeiro after 14 years in Europe. That is why, in the contract valid until the end of 2022, there is an exit clause without penalty if you have an offer from abroad that you deem interesting.

Flamengo’s board of directors tried to ensure that this clause did not enter into the contract, but understood that it was a decisive condition for David Luiz, finally, to accept being the 23rd shirt of the club.

Remember David Luiz's moves with the Brazilian team shirt

Remember David Luiz’s moves with the Brazilian team shirt

David Luiz has not yet had contact with his new teammates in São Paulo, but the initial idea is for him to go to Allianz Parque to follow the game against Palmeiras, this Sunday. On Monday, he starts living the day-to-day life of the Ninho do Vulture in practice.

Flamengo’s project proved to be inviting for David Luiz, who, after a long and victorious period in Europe, wants to remain at a high level and in the dispute for titles.

The flirtation between the defender and the club was long, first with conversations between the red-black board and businessman Giuliano Bertolucci to understand if an agreement would be feasible. Trying to get close to the salary earned at Arsenal was a utopia, but after the Champions League group stage application ended, the path seemed more open.

David Luiz Flamengo advertisement — Photo: Reproduction Twitter

Only after the approval of the financial, last week, it was possible to intensify the negotiation. Before, touched by the affection of the fans on social media, David Luiz even commented with people close to him about the lack of a proposal on paper. But everything followed a plan aimed at reaching the handshake given on Saturday.

Another important figure in the process was Júlio Taran, David Luiz’s representative since he was still at Vitória and was sold to Benfica. He was ahead of the negotiation and helped in choosing the defender.