Gay marries straight woman to achieve ‘heavenly marriage’ and they expect a baby

Law of Physics: opposites attract. Even without a lot of “chemistry,” this applies perfectly to 23-year-old Nicholas and Jordan Applegate. The two got married even after Nicholas admitted to being gay., in a revelation made months after the beginning of the relationship. In August of last year, he asked Jordan to marry him. Three months later, they were man and wife.

The two Arizona (USA) residents are mormons. In the religious designation, sex before marriage is not allowed and there are no manifestations of sexuality until its faithful become adults and get married.

“I was nervous and didn’t know how Jordan would react”, said the American, according to a report in “Metro”. The companion did not take long to accept the situation. She just wanted someone who was committed to her.

Nicholas discovered himself homosexual at age 12, but he resolved, by the church, to repress sexuality.

“As soon as I realized I was gay, I decided that I would follow the law of chastity and not have a relationship with a man”, he revealed, deciding to unite with a woman.

Nicholas and Jordan Applegate
Nicholas and Jordan Applegate Photo: Reproduction/Facebook(Jordan Renae Applegate)

Mormons believe in “heavenly marriage”, a promise that they will remain faithful throughout life and continue as a family after death. O “sealing” it occurs after proving a married life of “virtue” to the pastor of the congregation.

Speaking of family, Nicholas and Jordan are expecting a baby, which should be born in October. They define themselves as a “happy couple”.

“I remember feeling lost and trying to find stories of other people in a similar situation, but we knew it was right for us to get married, despite our opposite sexual orientations”, said the American. “He is the sweetest man I have ever met, loves me unconditionally and is the best partner I could have asked for”, she added. (the blog has already portrayed a similar case)

“We are both very happy and I would not change my decision”, added Nicholas, who works for a software company and can’t wait to increase the family even more.