Gil do Vigor has an accident in the United States and images show him covered in blood; check out!

Gil of Vigor
Gil do Vigor has an accident (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Gil of Vigor gave the fans a scare like that, by showing that he had a small accident in the United States, where he traveled to fulfill his dream of doing his PhD in Economics.

At the time, through the Stories of the Instagram, the ex-BBB appeared with a bloody knee and explained that the reason was a fall from a bicycle while trying to look at the GPS.

Without much practice, he ended up unbalancing and falling:

“My virigorous and vigorous, can you see my little finger here? It’s purple because today I fell on my bike, horrible accident. I was dizzy, I almost fainted, I was seeing everything dark. But, thank God, everything went fine, I sat down, breathed, passed, but my knee hurt a lot. I became calm so as not to pass out. Yeah, people, it’s not easy, no”.

“The knee is awful, it hurt a lot, now it’s gone a little. But that’s it, life is like that”, completed. Upon arriving at the place, he received a roommate and prepared a special reception for the handsome one.

First of all, the ex-BBB arrived with all his catchphrases and characteristic squeals, but he was afraid of disturbing the neighborhood:

Oh, I arrived, my love. Gil do Vigor has finally arrived in California. And today I don’t sleep. I’m sure I will be kicked out of this house. I’m already trying to get another house, alone, to live. I’m already streamlining this”.

Afterwards, Gilberto explained that he will share a room with a foreigner and spoke of his anxiety to meet the boy:

Guys, the boy who’s going to share a room with me is coming soon and he’s German. I’ll even order a pizza to refresh. When he arrives, I’ll eat with the pet”.

The famous man was waiting for the German outside, since the new resident didn’t have a key, and imagined that he got lost because of the delay, since he was waiting between 19:00 and 22:00.

The Pernambuco native recalled that he spent 1 hour only on a bicycle to get home and pointed out that the man should take longer because he was coming by bus.

Finally, the roommate arrived, already well dressed and all friendly. Gil do Vigor interacted with his followers in Portuguese and at the same time spoke in English with the “visitor”, who by the way shared a pizza with him.

It is worth mentioning that Gilberto Nogueira, despite dedicating himself to his studies, will not leave the weekly chart at Mais Você, o Tá Lascado, and will also not abstain from the benefits of fame.

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Gil of Vigor
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