Gil do Vigor, who wants to learn to drive, poses in a luxury convertible car in the US: ‘Baphonic’

Gil do Vigor even has a motorized bicycle. But what he really wants is to learn how to drive and circulate in his own vehicle during his season in California, USA, where he is studying phd. Until that time comes, the economist, of course, tries to give that American “close”. And that’s what he did this weekend: Gil posed all stylish, wearing sunglasses, in a luxury convertible car.

According to him, he super combined with the powerful. “Do you think I match with convertible cars? I think I match, yes, huh! (laughs) This car here is baphonic, I rode it today and I felt in a movie, very phyno and very chic”, commented the ex-BBB, through from the web this Saturday.

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“Rico!” exclaimed Pocah, who was also on “BBB”. “Baphonic really. It took a lot of time”, completed the ex-BBB Papito, father of the presenter Ana Clara. “The way you dreamed inside the house”, amended the confinement friend Caio.

Gil poses in convertible car
Gil poses in convertible car Photo: Reproduction – Instagram

Earlier, Gil had commented that he would buy a car. He, however, did not specify whether the car in which he posed was the vehicle he purchased.

“I’m going to buy a car this weekend and my roommate is going to drive. I’m going to take the driver’s exam and here I can drive while I’m learning. I’m going to have a car in the States,” he celebrated at the time.

Gil of Vigor
Gil do Vigor Photo: Reproduction – INstagram
Gil do Vigor poses in a luxury car
Gil do Vigor poses in a luxury car Photo: Reproduction – Instagram