Globo releases first images of Gentil’s program

Rede Globo released photos and a teaser video of “Zig Zag Arena”, a new program by Fernanda Gentil after the end of “Se Joga”. The new attraction of the radio station is scheduled to premiere on October 3, right after the movie “Maximum Temperature”.

The “Zig Zag Arena” will put two teams to duel in games that marked the childhood of Brazilians. The competition will be divided into phases “Pique-pega”, “Mega Ball” and “All or Nothing” and will even have the presence of professional judges to monitor the game’s evidence.

In the end, the team with the highest number of points throughout the dynamics will be appointed as the big winner of the week of Fernanda Gentil’s attraction.

Just like in the sports world, the “Zig Zag Arena” will feature a narrator and commentators. Famous for the catchphrase “you are ridiculous”, Everaldo Marques was invited to be the narrator of the attraction, while former player Hortência and humorist Marco Luque will be the commentators of the competitions.

Zig Zag Arena: Attraction of Gentil will have narrator and commentators - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Zig Zag Arena: Gentil Attraction will have narrator and commentators

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

According to Raoni Carneiro, artistic director, Fernanda Gentil’s attraction has a nostalgic proposal for childhood to bring the family together in front of the TV on Sunday afternoons.

Who has never played tag? This is our program. It’s a mega production; an unprecedented and original format, designed for Brazilian families, inspired by childhood games and games present in our culture. But, at the same time, we also invented our own game, a new, modern and fun game that awakens the desire to compete and, above all, to have fun.

‘Zig Zag Arena’ is an unprecedented format, created by Rede Globo’s reality show genre. Artistic direction is by Raoni Carneiro, with genre direction by Boninho.

Fernanda Gentil prepares for 'Zig Zag Arena', on TV Globo - Globo /João Miguel Júnior - Globo /João Miguel Júnior

Fernanda Gentil prepares for ‘Zig Zag Arena’ on TV Globo

Image: Globo / João Miguel Júnior