Google Files Updated and Gets New ‘Smart Storage’ Feature

Google recently released a new update to the Files app that brings general performance improvements and a new feature called ‘smart storage’, a tool already familiar to some users of the company’s operating system and first seen in 2016 on Android Nougat .

The newly released feature in Files allows the app to communicate with Fotos — cloud storage app — and automatically delete files that are stored in the smartphone’s internal memory but have a backup on Google’s servers.

This intelligent function comes to assist users in managing free space on the device, automatically analyzing the content and deleting if there is a copy. For now this functionality is only available for Pixel line devices that are running the Android 12 Beta, however it is likely to reach other cell phones soon.

To activate, simply access the application’s settings and enable this new feature, but it is worth reiterating that at this first moment the ‘smart storage’ is exclusive to the Pixel line in the Beta 5 version of Android 12.

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