Grazi Massafera enjoys night out with famous friends in Paris

Grazi Massafera, who recently broke up with Caio Castro, enjoyed a last night with Bruno Gagliasso, Gio Ewbank, Ricardo and Francisca Pereira, in Paris, France.

The meeting of the famous took place to celebrate the birthday of the wife of actor Ricardo Pereira, Francisca. On Instagram, Bruno Gagliasso shared a photo with Grazi and the other guests. “Tired, dead and exhausted. But happy! To @franciscaprpereira everything! Congratulations Chica! We love you”.

In another post, the actor continued to honor his friend. “Chica is pure light, a constant joy, an unparalleled glow. @franciscaprpereira welcomed us in Portugal as part of her family, with love and generosity, making this season in Europe much easier, beautiful and fun. Here on the other side from the Atlantic our families met, had a party and together we built unique moments of beauty and happiness. How nice to have you around, Chica! I love you, your high spirits, your family, your always positive energy and willing to improve your surroundings. May we still live many, many other days as special as these. Congratulations”, wrote Gagliasso, who still used the tag “Birthday in Paris”.

Gagliasso and Pereira Family at Disney

As Gagliasso quoted in his honor to Francisca, the two families really bonded a lot in Europe. The friendship is so intense that the two couples took advantage of yesterday afternoon to take their respective children to Disney Paris. The tour also had the company of André Nicolau, beloved photographer of the famous.

On social networks, Ricardo, Francisca and Bruno shared some records. In the images it is possible to see the children eating, having fun on some toys, walking hand in hand and even posing in front of some scenarios.

Gagliasso and Ewbank are parents of Titi, age 8, Bless, age 6, and Zyan, age 1. Francisca and Ricardo are parents of Giovanna, and Vicente, age 9, Francisca, age 7, and Julieta, 4. Check it out photos from the tour.