Holyfield criticizes referee after loss to Belfort: “Bad decision” | boxing

One of the biggest names in world boxing, American Evander Holyfield lost, in the first round, to Brazilian Victor Belfort, in a fight held on Saturday night, in Florida, in the United States. From the beginning, the Brazilian went up and, with a series of blows, forced the referee to end the fight in a technical knockout. The American, however, did not like the judge’s decision:

– I think it was a bad decision by the referee. I don’t think the referee should have stopped the fight so quickly,” he said.

Vitor Belfort v Evander Hollyfield boxing — Photo: Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

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Called in at the last minute to replace Oscar de La Hoya, cut from the fight after contracting Covid-19, Evander Hollyfield was punished by Belfort from the start. Showing a much better physical shape than his opponent, the Brazilian took the veteran to the ground halfway through the first round.

Back in the fight, Hollyfield continued to be hit mercilessly until he suffered his second fall. When the referee of the fight saw that the American was no longer able to continue, he decided to end the fight, giving the victory to the former UFC champion.

Vitor Belfort punishes Evander Hollyfield — Photo: Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images