Horoscope of the Day: Forecasts for September 12, 2021 | Prediction and Stars

The daily horoscope gives guidance on how to make the best use of the day
Marcelo Dallas

The daily horoscope gives guidance on how to make the best use of the day


The Moon is still in Sagittarius and the Sun is in Virgo: a good time to roll up your sleeves and demonstrate competence at work. Also good for learning, philosophizing and looking for ways to broaden your horizons. Take the opportunity to tune in to the broader issues of life, with enthusiasm and generosity. The Moon combines with Mars and Saturn, indicating a willingness to take various initiatives to renew your energy. Initiatives can be more aware, responsible and mature.


This lunation continues to favor all kinds of novelties. Use and abuse new ways of approach, leave behind what is already old and outdated. It is also easier to break old conditionings, to keep an open mind to listen to opinions and advice from people with other points of view. But the Sun defies Neptune: care must be taken with illusory expectations and mistakes. It is not a good time for exhausting and tiring tasks. It is worth cultivating practicality to avoid confusion.


Good period for contacts: news and curiosity on the agenda. It’s worth programming something different that expands your physical and mental horizons. With the Moon in Sagittarius, new knowledge becomes even more liberating. Be open to learn, philosophize and seek answers to the true meaning of life. Mercury remains in Libra, ensuring a good disposition to dialogue and align interests with employees. Discovering a new technology or doing something different can also be exciting.


Good time to expand knowledge and learn something new. The Moon remains in Sagittarius, in harmony with Mars and Saturn: autonomy, the search for wider spaces, philosophical issues and adventures are highlighted. With a little good will, you can overcome limitations in an original and surprising way. But beware: Sun and Neptune ask for care with inattention, harmful follies. Better to avoid speed, major contracts or large financial transactions during this period.


Great time to look for new experiences. The Moon in Sagittarius warns that there is a lot of life to live, a lot of people to discover. It is worth cultivating the flavor of novelty, originality and enthusiasm. Take the opportunity to find out about the news, seek learning that can expand your physical and mental horizons. Also a good time to cultivate autonomy and independence, break old patterns, break free from the habit of copying and repeating what has already been done. The preference goes to large and airy spaces.


Sun and Mars follow in your sign, it’s easier to set priorities, study, improve work and improve techniques. However, realism, research, judgment and insight are important. You can calmly avoid mistakes and confusion. Furthermore, the Moon remains in Sagittarius to favor freedom and independence. It’s good to take time to get away from the routine, walk in large spaces, get moving to use up the accumulated energy. It’s worth programming something new and unusual to do.


It’s time to invest in productivity. However, try to adjust your routine so as not to accumulate commitments, find space for rest, pleasure and leisure. Use Sunday to take care of yourself! Venus follows in Scorpio, good for cultivating sensitivity and complicity in relationships. Care must be taken not to overdo the dependencies. With the Moon in Sagittarius, it is worth thinking about how you can expand your knowledge, broaden your vision of the world, open yourself to new ideas and currents of thought.


It’s worth investing in changes and breaking old habits. With the Moon in Sagittarius, the desire to learn, embrace more, expand borders grows. Try to cultivate freedom and move. The Moon aligns with Mars and Saturn, their attitudes can be more mature, strategic and responsible. However, avoid overloading yourself with appointments. Prefer lightness and relaxation, activities that promote balance and well-being. The words should be encouraging and not censorious.


To grow you can invest in the quality of the product or service you offer. The Sun follows in Virgo, putting discretion and practicality in the forefront. The Moon follows in its sign: it’s a pleasure to produce more and at the same time do something you’ve never done before, learn, look for new things, cultivate independence. During the week the Sun defies Neptune, there is a tendency for mistakes and illusions. Legal and financial matters also call for more care and caution. Avoid big decisions, prefer to buy time to research and reflect better.


You may feel more desire to grow and expand awareness. With the crescent moon in Sagittarius, the motto is: up and on! Changes, unexpected news and news are also on the agenda. Optimism and boldness are inspiring. However, beware of shortages, unrealistic expectations and illusions to avoid waste. With the expansion of knowledge you can also gain more awareness and maturity, you can leave behind pessimism, negativities and old limitations.


The desire for expansion and new learning is on the agenda. With the Moon in Sagittarius, contact with distant regions, reflections on religious and philosophical issues are favored. It’s time to cultivate movement, give free rein to your creativity. Trust your ability to improvise to find innovative solutions. Everything that is original and creative continues to be favored in this lunation. Your spirit opens up to original invitations, surprises and different proposals. It’s worth expanding your network of contacts and making new friends.


The art of relating remains in the spotlight. The more cordiality, courtesy and diplomacy, the better. Today is a good day for unusual proposals. You can deepen the bonds of affection and unity in your partnerships. Or invest in new relationships too. With Moon in Sagittarius, you can make new friends, schedule outings, or reinvent your relationship with a different invitation. Creativity and inspiration are favored, the important thing is to identify with the solutions and conquer new possibilities.