Hospital Unimed Fortaleza zeroes admissions for Covid-19 for the first time in the pandemic – Dias Melhores

For the first since the beginning of the pandemic, the Hospital Unimed Fortaleza it is no patients admitted with Covid-19. The mark reached this Wednesday (8) was released by the president of the health cooperative, Elias Leite.

According to the manager, the hospital has only two people hospitalized with late sequelae of the disease, but already cured of the infection.

Elias compared the current indicator with that of the worst moment of Covid’s second wave in Fortaleza: in March, he mentioned, the unit had 453 patients hospitalized with the new coronavirus in one day.

“After all this started, almost 1 year and 6 months ago, this is perhaps the happiest video I send you”, he celebrated, in a video released on social networks.

Falling admissions

The numbers in other units of the Unimed system in the Capital have not yet reached zero, but, according to Elias Leite, “are getting lower”.

Hospitals in the network total nine people hospitalized with Covid, five in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), with two using respirators.

“Our next goal is to completely zero internment cases in Fortaleza”, projects the manager.

Hospital Unimed Fortaleza had, on the last day, two discharges, zero admissions and deaths from the disease. Thirty-five patients with suspected Covid-19 were seen until midnight this Tuesday (7).

In the unit alone, there were already 4,752 highs and 8,254 when added to hospitals in the network.


In the video, Elias Leite commented on the tribulations of the pandemic and vented about the emotion in spreading positive brands.

“Some days I cried out of sadness, fatigue, frustration, fear of not being able to cope. And today I cried too, but it was for joy,” he says.

He continues to thank the entire Unimed team and says: “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but I know that today is a day to celebrate.”

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