‘I found out I was cheating with prostitutes,’ says ex-fiancé who fled the altar | Fabia Oliveira

Dyl Reis and Eder MeneghineDisclosure

Posted 12/09/2021 08:07 | Updated 09/12/2021 08:07

When we think we’ve understood everything about the wedding of Eder Meneghine, a decorator who was known as emerging in the 1990s and changed boyfriend twenty-four hours before going up to the altar on the last 7th, his ex-partner comes, he explains. his view of the exchange and rekindles the controversy. Exclusively, Dyl Reis, who is 23 years old and is a delivery boy, denied Meneghine’s accusations during a chat with the column.

“The decision came from me. Two days before the wedding, I found out that I was cheating with prostitutes. Because I got a hothead, I decided not to get married anymore,” began by saying the boy, who said he never had the thought of betraying him: “I was honest, true, I never lied to him, but the relationship wasn’t going well. We used to fight directly”.

Another topic of conversation was the request for the relatives to leave Eder’s house. “At no time he asked, on the contrary. Taking advantage of the fact that my relatives were there, he even proposed that we continue with the event, let all this go by and then split up. He wanted to get married anyway. I was blinded by so much anger with him. pretending not to understand anything, even showing evidence of betrayal. So I called my family and told them everything. We left there, they didn’t go out with us,” he guaranteed.

Asked about the fact that two police officers had gone down to the scene, he explained that it was because of a scooter and an iPhone 12 pro max cell phone that he had won. “He gave it to me and didn’t put it in my name, which proves that he was already malicious. We ended up at the police station, reached an agreement, and he took over the gifts. They couldn’t even stay with me, and he was trying to prove it was appropriation undue”, he declared, without hiding his displeasure.

Finally, he made a point of clarifying that he never stole it, as Eder implies in some articles: “He used my checkbooks, passed them on to moneylenders with large amounts that I can’t afford to cover now, and I’m worried about that. , yes, I feel robbed. This way of acting I don’t think is correct, he seemed to have the intention of screwing me. He wants to pretend to be innocent. I was always nice to him, a very good partner in every second and every moment.”