“I will do everything”; Colorado can earn R$ 10 million


Borrowed from Spanish football, the striker makes clear his intention to remain in Europe; the club from Rio Grande do Sul has a chance of winning a jackpot with the sale in 2022


Galhardo: does not want to return (Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF)

the attacker Thiago Galhardo was one of the players that left o International throughout 2021. Last August, in the final stretch of the transfer window, the player transferred to the Celtic of Vigo, from Spain, at the request of the Argentine technician Edward Coudet. The negotiation generated a ‘relief’ to Colorado’s accounts and could become important again in 2022, at the end of the loan.

The gaucho direction agreed to give the attacker, until June 30 of next year, upon payment of 500 thousand euros (about BRL 3 million). Without having to pay Galhardo’s salaries in the period, Inter will save money about BRL 5 million. At the end of the loan, the Celtic of Vigo still can acquire the player per 1.6 million euros (about R$9.92 million).

If it only depends on Galhardo, the permanence at the club coached by Chacho Coudet will be confirmed for the coming seasons. Currently 32 years old, the striker does not intend to return to Inter and already do plans to retire in the Old Continent. In an interview with ESPN Brasil, he opened the game about his desire for the future.

I will do everything for me to renew here at Celta and for me to stay here in Europe. I want to end my career in Europe and I hope I can finish that way until 2025, with a legal retirement and that I can tell it in books and lectures that I intend to give”, guaranteed the player.

With the colored shirt, Galhardo competed 82 games, marking 34 goals and distributing 11 assists. In November 2020, he was called up by Tite for the Brazilian team due to the good moment. At Celta de Vigo, the Brazilian debuted against Athletic Bilbao, on August 28th.