Is today! ‘The Voice Kids’ enters the Quarter Finals with live program, voting and live; know everything | 2021

The Voice Kids enters the final stretch with news to make the competition even more exciting! 🤩✌️ This Sunday, 12/9, the public will be able to follow the stage of Quarterfinals in a program live and it will also be able vote for your favorite voice. And to close the program with a golden key, the technicians and presenters will also comment on the best moments of the episode on The Voice Kids Live, a live broadcast that will take place right after the program.

Want to know more? We explain all the details here 🔽

⭐ Participants in the dispute

Michel Teló, Carlinhos Brown and Gaby Amarantos: coaches looking forward to the Quarter Finals — Photo: Globo

The competition is fierce, but the teams of Carlinhos Brown, Gaby Amarantos and Michel Teló are already closed for the Quarter Finals. After the Tira-Teima stage, there were four voices in each team. See the participants in the dispute:

Elis Cristine, Helloysa do Pandeiro, Isabelly Sampaio and Sofia Farah follow in Team Brown after the Tira-Teima phase — Photo: Artur Meninea and Isabella Pinheiro/Gshow

🎤 Helloysa do Pandeiro

Review Team Brown’s presentations:

Izabelle Ribeiro, Izadora Rodrigues, Lua Brunerri and Ruany Keveny follow in Team Gaby after the Tira-Teima phase — Photo: Artur Meninea and Isabella Pinheiro/Gshow

Review Team Gaby’s presentations:

Gustavo Bardim, Henrique Bonadio, Laís Menezes and Maria Victória follow in Team Teló after Tira-Teima — Photo: Artur Meninea and Isabella Pinheiro/Gshow

Review all Team Teló presentations:

⭐ Quarter Final Dynamics

It’s time for you to participate by voting and also decide who follows the competition! In this phase, the coaches and the public will participate in the decision, which will leave three voices in each team. The audience will be able to choose a voice and each technician will be able to save two more.

The dynamics will work as follows: after the participants introduce themselves, the result of who the spectators saved will be released and the coach will choose a candidate. The two members of each team who are not chosen will return to the stage at the end of the program and, thus, each coach will choose one more participant to proceed to the semifinals.

The Voice Kids technicians: prepared for the Quarter Finals — Photo: Isabella Pinheiro/Gshow

Voting will be available at The Voice Kids home page. Stay tuned there and register to vote as many times as you like when the time comes! 📲

Cast of the sixth season of ‘The Voice Kids’ — Photo: João Miguel Júnior/Globo

  • To participate, you must have a Globo account. Registration is simple and free, and can also be done with your Facebook or Google account;
  • Registration is valid for the rest of the season. And the best part: you don’t have to wait for the day of the program to arrive!
  • Important: if you are already registered, the link will take you to our home page on Gshow. Ready! You are ready to vote!
  • If this is your first registration, you will receive an email to confirm and activate your Globo Account.


It doesn’t end when it ends! After the end of the TV show, it’s time for the The Voice Kids Live, a live stream that will take place on The Voice’s Facebook profiles, Twitter and here on the website: There will be a lot of chat with the technicians, hunches, repercussion and relaxation. Don’t miss it! 😉

Gaby Amarantos — Photo: Globo

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Review last Sunday’s show, 5/9: