“It disappoints me more every day”

Patricia Pillar spoke in terms of her feelings for the player Neymar. The actress didn’t like a comment made by the boleiro after Brazil’s 2-0 victory over Peru, last Thursday (9/9).

At the time, Neymar commented on his approach to Pelé in the list of top scorers in the national team. “It will be an honor to pass Pelé,” he claimed.


Bluntly, she wrote on Twitter: “Neymar disappoints me more every day. Talking about putting Pelé in the artillery was absolutely regrettable”. Later, when he read “but it’s a given, Patricia, it’s not a carelessness with Pelé”, he replied: “He’s in the hospital, it wasn’t time”.

After speculation about Pelé’s health status, the 80-year-old made a post on social media this Friday (10/9) to calm the fans’ spirits. “My friends, with each passing day I feel a little better. I’m looking forward to playing again, but I’ll still recover for a few more days”, he said.

Due to a tumor in the right colon, the King of Football has been hospitalized since August 31, at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in São Paulo.

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