‘It’s not mine, I like the Band’ · TV News

In the week he turned 55, presenter Neto went viral on social networks because of a speech on his YouTube channel, in which he was considering pursuing a political career. In conversation with the TV news, although, the Corinthians idol said he doesn’t really think about this possibility. “I don’t have this bias,” refuted the host of Os Donos da Bola.

The stir started on September 1st. In a video by Craque Neto 10 channel in which he answered questions from his audience, a former player was asked if he was thinking of entering an elective position, such as deputy, senator or even mayor. At that moment, he left the possibility open.

“I never thought of going into politics. I always thought it wasn’t going to happen. But, the way the world is, maybe we do. A senator, can that be?”, he declared. His fans began to wonder if he could run in the 2022 elections, as did his radio colleague and friend José Luiz Datena — the anchor of Brasil Urgente is a PSL pre-candidate for president.

In a conversation with the column, Neto quickly made it clear that he is not thinking of running for an elected office. He recalled that he has a contract with Grupo Bandeirantes until 2025 — recently renewed. Besides, as much as he’s been interested in politics lately, running in a public election isn’t in his plans.

“It’s not true, no. I have a contract with the Band until 2025, I don’t have this bias. It’s just that I was asked if I could be a candidate for president, for senator, for councilor. And I said: ‘Why not? ‘. But not now, right? I don’t have that desire, at 55… It’s not mine, I like the Band. I’ll never do that,” stated the presenter for the report.

Neto, it is worth remembering, always puts himself as someone who can be a candidate for president of Corinthians in the club’s elections in 2023. On his program, the presenter often talks about this possibility.

The former player is on his second stint with the Band. He initially worked there between 1999 and 2001, and returned in 2007. Neto has been with Os Donos da Bola since 2011 and has become one of the network’s main daily audiences, averaging 3 points in Greater São Paulo.