JEC starts Serie D knockout with draw against Bangu

In the first leg of the first knockout phase of Serie D 2021, Joinville came out ahead, but tied with Bangu by 1-1 this Saturday, 11. Fernando opened the scoring for Tricolor at Moça Bonita stadium, and Rafael Carioca decreed the final scoreboard in Rio de Janeiro. JEC remains undefeated in 15 games in the competition.

The return match, at Arena Joinville, will take place next Saturday, 18, at 15:00. If the game ends in a draw again, the decision of the classified to the round of 16 goes to penalties. Whoever wins, continues in search of access to Serie C.

JEC coup in the last bid

The first stage was a very balanced game in Rio. Bangu, with only one defender of origin and selected in the 3-4-3 scheme of coach Felipe, a former Vasco midfielder, was a brave and organized team, but not got many clear chances. On the other hand, JEC, which didn’t have Ratinho, Naldo and Xavier, injured, and Renan Castro, suspended, managed to exploit some spaces given by the home team, but the attackers failed to make decisions in successive moves.

Right at 2, Caio Monteiro received a great pass from Renan Oliveira on the left, but he messed up the field and handed the ball to the goalkeeper. At 10, it was Paulo Victor’s turn to mess up after receiving in a good position inside the area and wasting a chance for JEC. Four minutes later, he practically pierced a left-handed kick after a great connection from Davi Lopes, Tricolor’s most lucid player in midfield.

Bangu’s best opportunity came at 8. Rafael Carioca received a great pass at the entrance to the area, invaded and kicked left-handed, but over the top. It was one of the few moves in which the Rio team’s territorial dominance and possession of the ball turned into a finish from inside the area.

At 26, it was Renan Oliveira’s turn to take a while to make the decision after a counterattack pulled by Alison. In the next minute, JEC scored with Renan himself, but the goal was disallowed for offside. Bangu continued to have more of the ball, but Tricolor played well in defense and limited their rival’s offensive options.

The game seemed to be heading for half-time in the tie, but, in the last move, Chrystian took a corner kick in the small area and Fernando went up very high to head in: 1-0.

Bangu grows and draws

Bangu started the second stage by taking control of the game, with JEC adopting a more conservative posture and with less possession. Tricolor conceded few spaces until 14, when the Rio team finally managed to overcome the rival defense and took advantage. Luis Araújo connected Rochinha, who invaded the area and crossed low to Rafael Carioca, who stretched out and made it 1 to 1.

Rochinha had a great chance soon after to turn around, but ended up sticking the submission at the entrance to the small area. After the scare, JEC got a moment of more presence in the attack, including changes made by Leandro Zago. At 19, Fialho, who came from the bench, took off on the left, cleared inside and kicked in, but Paulo Henrique palmed it.

In the last half of the second half, Bangu took more of the initiative, but without many plays that ended in submissions. At 34, Roberto Baggio demanded a beautiful defense from Pascoal, but with a free kick. The JEC only started scaring again in extra time, with a shot from outside by Lucas Goes that hit the net from the outside. The tie, however, remained, and the decision of the vacancy was open for the match at the Arena.

Bangu 1×1 Joinville

Bangu: Paulo Henrique; Renatinho, Israel, Raí Lopes; Roberto Baggio, Denilson, Luis Araújo (Maranhão, min. 41/2ºt), Daniel (JP, min. 22/2ºt); Santarém, Rochinha (Lucas Oliveira, min. 25/2ºt), Rafael Carioca (Miller, min. 41/2ºt). Technician: Felipe Loureiro

Joinville: Rafael Pascoal; Alison, Fernando, Helerson, Leo Griggio (Carlinhos, min. 37/2ºt); Davi Lopes, Douglas Packer, Renan Oliveira (Lucas Goes, min. 30/2ºt); Chrystian (Fialho, min. 17/2ºt), Caio Monteiro (Thiago Juan, min. 17/2ºt), Paulo Victor (Tadeu, min. 30/2ºt). Coach: Leandro Zago

Goals: 0x1, min. 46/1st, Fernando. 1×1, min. 14/2nd, Rafael Carioca

Yellows: Denilson, Roberto Baggio (BAN); Lucas Goes (JEC)

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