Jeep Compass 2022: 1.3 turbo engine gives breath to face new rivals – 12/09/2021

Anyone looking for a good mid-range SUV has certainly already looked at the Jeep Compass, a model of undisputed success in Brazil and which gained an important boost to the 2022 line: the new 1.3 turbo flex engine. But that was not all, as he also received some adjustments in those points where he was already praised.

Close After completing five years of life and national production, the Jeep Compass continued to receive praise for its still vigorous design, updated with what we have on the market.

Thus, the brand was only concerned with a small restyle on the outside.

Jeep Compass 2022 Front length - Press Release - Press Release
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Basically, it changed the front with a new design for the set of headlights with full led lighting, the bumper grew and became higher, a detail that improved the Compass’s angle of attack. Nmoreover, everything is practically the same, except for the new wheel options, the engine identification on the trunk lid and, for those who are very attentive, there is a new design on the inside of the lanterns.

The Compass was also praised for its good interior finish. But isn’t Jeep able to improve this feature on the 2022 line?

The change, let’s say, more radical, is in the central panel and its new horizontal lines, plus details simulating brushed steel, the 10.1-inch multimedia screen – also new – installed in an elevated position, detached from the panel.

Then there’s a renewal in the instrument panel – 100% digital in the top-of-the-line versions – and with a speedometer and analogue tachometers in the others, but now with a high definition color TFT screen in the center with general information from the on-board computer, among others.

Jeep Compass 2022 panel - Disclosure - Disclosure
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But on closer inspection, it’s clear that, overall, the Jeep Compass has raised the bar internally and been much closer to high-end luxury models. Finishes are faux leather with exposed stitching, the door panels have soft linings, and the center console, for example, now has an all gloss black surface with stylish buttons.

Another highlight involves the greatest dose of connectivity, where the good example is the new Adventure Intelligence platform – available from the Longitude version – which brings together different services and offers some remote controls through an application. AND more, in the top versions, it has the ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance System – package and the semi-autonomous driving features with a lot of focus on safety.

1.3 turbo flex engine

Jeep Compass Engine 1.3 Flex - Disclosure - Disclosure
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But let’s go to the other welcome addition to this Jeep Compass 2022 – for many the most important – the T270 engine, a 1.3 turbo flex direct injection that generates 185 horsepower and 27.5 kgfm of torque. It replaces the old 2.0 aspirated flex and that wasn’t even a problem, at best it could be criticized for the age of the project or the consumption.

But the fact is that the younger and more modern engine has positively altered the reality of the Compass, which now responds much faster and with less effort. The engine works in tune with the six-speed automatic transmission, perfect for exploiting good torque at low revs.

Not by chance, Compass 270T, compared to the old 2.0 flex version, improved performance in acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h – now it does in 9.7 seconds – and gained in consumption. In the Longitude version, it averages 10.3 km/l in the city and 11.9 km/l on the road with gasoline.

Jeep Compass 2022 Rear length - Press Release - Press Release
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And to close that account, it’s worth considering other positive features of the Compass, a car that’s nice to drive, with a steady ride, very comfortable and quiet, and that provides good space for family members, including an efficient trunk, with 476 liters. of capacity.

In other words, in its 2022 line it gained more muscle to face new competitors, especially the VW Taos, the latest in the group and which, as I’ve already shown here, has a more urban profile, well connected to the asphalt. Feature found Compass too, but which, in his case, comes well accompanied by the strong connection with the adventurous universe. This one more point that ends up making a difference in his favor.

Jeep Compass Longitude T270 price: R$168,412.00