Jos Colagrossi assigns the signing of Willian to the new Corinthians partnership

Corinthians achieved the best debut of an asset in the history of the bitcoin market with the $SCCP fan token, the result of a partnership with, a D2C (direct-to-consumer, or direct-to-consumer) platform. If that was not enough, José Colagrossi, the club’s marketing superintendent, said that the hiring of Willian was only possible thanks to this partnership.

“We wouldn’t have Willian in our squad if it weren’t for the partnership with, that’s very clear. In other words,, the partnership and the Corinthians fan token was what made the arrival of Willian possible”, said Colagrossi in the Sports in Debate program at Bandeirantes Radio.

Further on, he cited the arrivals of Giuliano, Renato Augusto and Róger Guedes, stating that Willian’s case was different and once again pointing to the influence of digital assets.

“It was a huge reduction in football costs that allowed from the second half onwards, with better and more orderly finances, with new revenues coming in and new sponsorships, that it was possible to bring in the first three reinforcements that we brought. of Willian was a consequence of the partnership with and the launch of the fan token”, he concluded.

Namely, the fan token includes Corinthians fans in the club’s decisions and actions. It also allows them to compete for prizes and giveaways when participating in surveys.

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