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José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) will begin his revenge after cleaning his feet on Maurilio’s tomb this week in Império. After all, the commander will need to get his shoes dirty when traveling to the interior of Minas Gerais in search of the alleged mother of the villain — Jesuína (Laura Cardoso). “That woman lied to me”, he will suspect in the 9:00 pm soap opera on Globo.

The businessman will arrive in São João del-Rei looking for clues about his rival (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) in the scenes that will be shown from this Monday (13)in Aguinaldo Silva’s serials. He will be surprised to be taken to the cemetery to see that the “real” Maurilio is lying under seven feet of earth.

Jesuína’s drama, however, will not convince Cristina’s father (Leandra Leal). “That woman lied to me. At least she only told me the parts that interested her,” the “man in black” will complain. “How do you say she deceived us if we even saw the grave?”, Josué (Roberto Birindelli) will find strange.

“This whole death story is too full of details to be true. It didn’t let me down”, will point out José Alfredo. “I understand your reasoning, but for now it’s your guess,” the driver will insist.

“No, it’s obvious that Dona Jesuína was guided by someone to tell only what was interesting”, will bet the protagonist, played by Alexandre Nero. “And do you think that Fabrício Melgaço is the one behind all this?”, the employee will question.

“Maybe he’s just a jerk too, he just transferred the body and that’s it. But, if it really exists, it’s a clue,” the commander will add. “And why don’t you call Dr. Merival [Roberto Pirillo] to find out where the guy is?” Joshua will ask.

“It’s better not to involve more people, I don’t know who I’m dealing with. I’d better deal with myself”, summarizes José Alfredo, who decided to return to Rio de Janeiro to take Maurílio out of the family’s jewelry store with his bare hands.

Jesuína (Laura Cardoso) in Empire

Week Summary

Monday, 13/9 (Chapter 133)
José Alfredo is surprised by Jesuína’s declaration. Silviano calls João Lucas and says that Du has disappeared. Cora talks with Maria Marta about the exhumation of José Alfredo. José Alfredo visits the tomb of Jesuína’s son. Xana and Naná get Luciano’s new address. Juju trains with Arnoldão. José Pedro calls Danielle and she threatens him.

Du treats João Lucas coldly. Téo asks Erika to interview Felipe. Felipe faces Enrico. Maria Marta watches from the car the movement of Bar do Manoel. José Alfredo says goodbye to Jesuína. Elivaldo praises Tuane. Tuane distrusts Marcao. José Alfredo and Josué talk about Maurílio. Maria Marta enters the Bar do Manoel and asks to speak with José Alfredo.

Tuesday, 9/14 (Chapter 134)
Cora confirms the presence of Maria Marta at Manoel’s bar. Xana tells Juliane that she will find out if Luciano is being treated well. José Pedro argues with Amanda. Bruna catches Danielle listening to a recording of a conversation with José Pedro. Claudio suggests that Leonardo demonstrate his hamburgers at the restaurant.

Marcão overhears a conversation between Cristina and Elivaldo and tells Maurílio. Du tells João Lucas that Isis called him. José Alfredo asks to see the death certificate for Jesuína’s son. Marta surprises Maurílio. José Alfredo discovers who helped Jesuína’s son.

Wednesday, 9/15 (Chapter 135)
Jesuína makes a phone call and tells her about the Commander’s visit. Xana doesn’t like Luciano’s future adoptive father. Xana is surprised by Aline. Helena asks to find Erika. Orville has a bad feeling about the auction. José Alfredo tells Maria Isis that he’s going to hide in his house.

Maria Clara disdains Amanda’s drawings. Antônio comments to Vicente that he is interested in Naná. Carmen overhears Helena talking to Salvador about the auction. Marta begins her interview with Teo.

Thursday, 9/16 (Chapter 136)
Cristina leaves Geneva. Carmen tells Orville about Helena’s plans. Ismael and Lorraine suggest that Naná marry Antônio to adopt Luciano. Marta scares Teo. Helena gives Orville an ultimatum.

Magnolia and Severo invite each other to dinner at Claudio and Beatriz’s house. José Alfredo goes to Maria Isis’ house. Reginaldo returns to Jurema’s house. Cristina returns from her trip. Batista and Kelly are surprised by the presence of José Alfredo.

Friday, 9/17 (Chapter 137)
Cristina calls Manoel and asks about his father. Cora overhears the conversation between Cristina and Manoel. Maria Marta makes Maurílio suspicious. Marcão finds Cristina’s passport and calls Maurílio. Cristina talks with Manoel and Antoninho about José Alfredo.

Jurema distrusts Reginaldo and he says that he discovered something about Jairo. Jurema asks to go back to work at Cora’s house. Magnolia and Severo arrive for dinner at Claudio and Beatriz’s house. Maurílio makes a meeting at the Império jewelry store. Téo interviews Silviano. Maurílio questions Cristina about her trip to Switzerland.

Saturday, 9/18 (Chapter 138)
Cristina tries to talk about the trip to Switzerland. José Alfredo lists possible enemies. Maria Marta demands that Cristina resign from Império and asks her to send a message to José Alfredo. Erika bribes Lorraine and makes a date with her. Robertão reflects on a work proposal. Amanda presents Leonardo.

Maurílio tries to gain the trust of Maria Marta’s children. Merival says that Cristina cannot be removed from the Empire. Reginaldo tells Otoniel that he’s not leaving. Jurema tells Tuane about Reginaldo’s return. Vicente arranges a meeting with Clara. José Alfredo and Josué talk about Silviano. Du and João Lucas talk to Maria Marta.

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