Juju Salimeni shows spa work she will do in her mansion: “Work here at home is accelerating”

The artist showed the details of how the leisure space will be

By: Maria Luise Brey | September 11th – 10:15 am

Juju Salimeni said he is building a spa in his mansion, and decided to share on his social networks some videos of the work, this Friday (10).

“Guys, the work here at home is speeding up, see! I thought it was going to take a long time. I’m going to show you a few things: here it will be like a spa, one of those that comes out with water on the back, then you just sit down”, he began, counting.

The artist also showed that she will build a swimming pool in the leisure area: “The pool will increase towards the back, it will get bigger. Here can you see? There’s a ladder and I’m going to make those structures that go down, which have a little sofa, you know? I think it will be really cool!”.

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  • 2/2 Source: Play/ Instagram

Whindersson Nunes went back to needling Felipe Neto, after seeing that the youtuber had liked several tweets criticizing him, this Friday (10). The comedian summoned Felipe to meet in person.


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