Keanu Reeves, the Neo, made his first film with a health problem

If it took Neo and Trinity 18 years to come back to “The Matrix”, one of the reasons must be the troubles Keanu Reeves experienced when shooting the first film, in 1999 — which is also a dose of fic on our part.

Last Thursday, the official trailer for “The Matrix 4” debuted — officially called “The Matrix Resurrections” (“The Resurrection of the Matrix”). The film will be released in December in the United States and comes after the last feature released in 2003.

Neo, protagonist of the saga, is played once again by Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, who now seem not to know each other from other films…

Matrix 4 - Play/Warner - Play/Warner

Neo and Trinity in ‘The Matrix 4’

Image: Reproduction/Warner

But that’s a secret that will be revealed in the new movie. What we already know is that in the first one, Reeves performed with a cervical collar on the recordings. He had undergone spinal surgery about four months before the role in the feature.

According to the US website Collider, the actor did not make many movements because he felt paralyzed and limited his leg movements in the film, avoiding “kicking” in the scenes.

But he did the epic sequence where he dodges shots by dropping backwards to the ground.

Matrix - Reproduction - Reproduction

Scene from the movie “The Matrix” (1999), by Lana and Lilly Wachowski

Image: Reproduction

The film, in turn, had many combat moments, so much so that the actors even trained to perform the blows.

But Keanu Reeves wasn’t the only one. the movie companion Carrie Anne Moss sprained her ankle during the recordings, but stayed quiet until the end. She only decided to talk about the incident when she had done the scenes, according to IMDb.

Perrengue aside, the film was considered one of the most striking of the 90s due to its success and innovation. Then came two more movies.

“The Matrix 4” promises to tell how Neo and Trinity will come back to life, as they died in the last feature of the sequel: Neo sacrificed himself to restart The Matrix — and apparently ceases to exist in the real world of humans — and Trinity dies right at the beginning of plot.

But if not a problem in the column for the actor, it will not be the death of the character either. In the first film, the protagonist suffers as he and Trinity enter the Matrix to save Morpheus — now played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. A kiss from the beloved can bring “the chosen one” back to life.