learn how Thiaguinho made his fortune as a singer and businessman, and without boasting

“I have money00000, I’m healthy, thank God”. The verse of one of Thiaguinho’s greatest hits clearly defines the current moment of the country’s newest billionaire. The news released by the magazine “Forbes”, which reported that the 37-year-old singer earned R$ 2 billion in this year of pandemic, has shaken the internet in recent days and left many people with their mouths open to discover that, in addition to being a successful singer , he is also a great manager and entrepreneur.

The amazement of the public and fans at the singer’s fat figures is understandable, since he does not make the “ostentatious artist” line, of those who live showing mansions, luxury cars, private jets or yachts. On the contrary, Thiaguinho always had a discreet life on social media, even when he was married to actress Fernanda Souza and lived in a mansion in Rio. Today, living in São Paulo, close to his origins, he helps the whole family and runs a company with 210 employees.

One of his partners is his only sister, Ellen Barbosa. Son of Physical Education teachers João and Gloria Maria Barbosa, Thiaguinho was born in Presidente Prudente (SP) and became famous in 2002, when he participated in the musical reality show “Fama”. He was the fourth eliminated from the show, but his talent caught the public’s attention.

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Own label owner

His foot in the business started back there, when he joined as a singer and partner of Exaltasamba. In 2009, two years before leaving the group and pursuing a solo career, he had the idea of ​​founding, with his friend Bruno Azevedo, “Paz & Bem”, a publisher who became responsible for managing his songs and works.

In 2016, he left the office he was part of and started to manage his career, investing R$ 52 million in the label itself. From there, it was just a matter of putting “a little pagoda to relax”, or better yet, making money, raising new business flights.

Advertising success

Today, in addition to concerts and copyrights, a large part of the artist’s income comes from high advertising contracts signed during the pandemic. Thiaguinho is currently partnering with an American sports shoe brand, in which he signs the creation of an exclusive line of products, in addition to representing brands with oral hygiene items, moisturizing cream, energy drink and a large investment company.

But acting is not restricted to the role of poster boy. Invited by businessman Marcos Buaiz, ​​husband of singer Wanessa Camargo, Thiaguinho accepted the challenge of leading the communication and marketing of an alcoholic beverage industry, earning a hefty sum and following the line of artists such as rapper Jay-Z, husband of Beyoncé , who owns a champagne maker in the US.

‘Thiaguinho is revolutionary’, praises Fê Souza

In addition to making money, the owner of the “Tardezinha” project also uses his work to carry out social action. He recently created the “Together for art” project, with which he raised millions of reais to help artists facing difficulties in the pandemic. The singer is also the godfather of the Instituto Sharing, owned by coach Bernardinho, and a percentage of his profits is passed on to Instituto Neymar Jr, his great friend and player.

“I am a black boy, from a financially simple family, who had the chance to study at a great school, shy and full of faith. I always dreamed of being a singer and living on music, and today I realize that the mission that God gave me is much greater than I imagined in my childhood. It is a huge responsibility to know who I have become, what my company has become, how many families live my dream with me. celebrates the singer.

Fernanda Souza was also proud of her ex-husband when commenting on the “Forbes” article about the country’s newest billionaire: “I can only feel so proud. We always knew he was a giant. It’s time for the world to know even more, see more and recognize the power it is. Thiaguinho is revolutionary, he is ahead of his time”. Damn, kid!

Thiaguinho and Fernanda Souza stayed together for eight years
Thiaguinho and Fernanda Souza were together for eight years Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Thiaguinho participated in the
Thiaguinho participated in the “Fama” Photo: Archive
Thiaguinho with his mother
Thiaguinho with his mother Photo: Personal archive
Thiaguinho with his father and sister, Ellen Barbosa
Thiaguinho with his father and sister, Ellen Barbosa Photo: Personal archive
the singer Thiaguinho
Singer Thiaguinho Photo: Sandro Mendonça/ publicity
Thiaguinho already dreamed of being a soccer player and has parents who are physical education teachers
Thiaguinho already dreamed of being a soccer player and has parents who are physical education teachers Photo: Instagram/reproduction