Left USA? Zé Felipe and Maria Alice will have a green card; understand

Virginia Fonseca, 22, is trying to grant the green card rights to Zé Felipe and his daughter, Maria Alice. The influencer, who was born in the United States, said she has no intention of leaving the country at the moment. However, if necessary, she wants the paperwork to be all done.

“Many of you know that I’m American, I was born in the United States and raised in Brazil. Now I’m trying to give citizenship to Zé Felipe and Maria Alice,” she explained. “Not that I want to leave Brazil, I love our country and everything, but will we one day decide to move there? In that case, everything will be ready, we won’t need to worry”, he added Virginia, in videos shared in Instagram stories.

Zé Felipe, 23, also spoke about the subject in his networks. “Did you see Virginia posted yesterday? She’s legalizing Maria Alice, yes, Maria Alice is going to become American, I’m also going to get a ‘ass’… so, we’re going to legalize in the United States, we’re going to have the green card “, declared the singer, who was visibly excited.

the green card is a document issued by US authorities that allows people to stay in or permanently migrate to the country. Zé Felipe and Virginia have been married since March 2021. At the time, Virginia shared an exciting text on the networks. “And of all dreams, one came true today! I married the love of my life, I promise to be faithful, love and respect you until death do us part!! As I always say, I love you infinitely and beyond”, said an excerpt from the post.

“We had given up on the ceremony. We would have a pastor or a priest to do the blessing, we would take vows, sign paper and have dinner. Today will be nothing like that. We don’t go to the registry, nor does the registry come even us. We’re going to get married online to take advantage of the fact that we already had everything booked and that the invitations are on the 26th. The ceremony will be next month, when we can”, completed another part of the text.