LG OLED TV: See Six Models to Buy in 2021 | Which one to buy?

LG OLED TVs are very popular models in the market and should meet the most demanding users. This display differs from the standard LED, which uses dots of brightness on the screen. The composition of emitting diodes allows energy consumption to be lower, in addition to the light being better distributed and the screen thinner. On the market, you can find options with the technology for starting at R$ 5,414, such as the 55-inch LG OLED55C1, 4K resolution and LG ThinQ artificial intelligence.

For consumers looking for a super premium OLED TV, the 65-inch OLED65GX version might be an option. The device offers the Gallery Design function, which transforms the smart TV into a decorative frame for an investment of around R$ 10,499. See below the list that the TechAll separated with six models from LG to buy in 2021.

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LG OLED models can be found at varying prices; discover the best for you — Photo: Yuri Hildebrand/TechTudo

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The OLED55C1 TV is an option that can appeal to consumers who don’t want to spend as much. The display is made of emitting diodes and the image resolution is 4K. The Color Volume technology allows all points on the screen to have optimized colors, without opaque or dark corners, in addition to accompanying the Eye Comfort function, which promises more comfort to the eye while watching television.

Other functions should also improve image quality. Filmmaker Mode makes changing frames more fluid, while HDR 10 enhances color and sharpens scenes. Other configurations like Gamer Optimizer and Dolby Vision IQ are also present in the model. To buy this LG OLED TV you need to pay about R$ 5,414.

OLED C1 has gamer focus and options from 48 inches — Photo: Press Release/LG

The OLED55A1PSA model is an OLED smart TV with configurations that can surprise. In addition to the display that promises to deliver ultra realism in the images, the video resolution is 4K. Color Volume technology is also present in this option. It also allows you to activate the Dolby Vision IQ function and let the TV adapt to each type of movie or series.

Although the model is suitable for various types of use, it can be a good choice for gamers. The Gamer Optimizer function allows the user to adjust the image for the best view during matches. OLED Gaming makes the video fluid, with faster response. To buy this model it is necessary to invest from R$ 5,498.

LG OLED TV Offers Dolby Vision IQ Technology to Optimize Image — Photo: Press Release/LG

The LG OLED65CX is an option that takes a leap from the first two models. The image settings are eye-catching, with 4K resolution and features like Gamer Optimizer and Filmmaker Mode. To make the experience even more immersive, the company invests in the combination of Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos technologies. Both settings promise to make the image and sound similar to a movie theater.

For gamers, LG’s OLED TV is one of the first models compatible with Nvidia’s G-Sync. The technology makes the image not freeze or have instability during matches. In addition, the TV also features HGiG, a type of HDR that makes the image of games more realistic and with more colors. With so many configurations, the model is sold on the market from R$8,459.

LG’s CX line has an OLED screen and supports technologies such as VRR — Photo: Divulgação/LG

An indoor movie theater, that’s what LG promises with the OLED65B8SSC model. In addition to the OLED display, the 4K resolution is designed with cinema technology. You can configure it with HDR Advanced, HDR 10 Pro and even HLG Pro. Pure black and infinite contrast are settings that should make the video quality even better.

The combination of Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos technologies promises a cinema-like experience. However, even with all these settings, the model does not offer specific functions for gamers and should be more focused on moviegoers. The purchase price is around R$ 8,899.

LG OLED65B8SSC promises home cinema experience — Photo: Press Release/LG

The LG OLED65GX is another model that offers 4K resolution and technologies such as Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. In addition, the TV also comes with Optimizer Gaming functions and is compatible with Nvidia’s G-Sync. The HGiG option promises to make games even sharper. Also, the 120 Hz refresh rate tends to make images more fluid.

A differential, according to LG itself, is the OLED Motion Pro technology, which can make the image movement even more subtle. What should catch the attention of consumers is the Gallery Design, which turns the device into a kind of 4K frame. To buy this model it is necessary to spend around R$ 10,499.

GX model works as a 4K frame through the Gallery Design function — Photo: Disclosure/LG

The LG OLED65G1Z model has the highest price on the list and costs around R$ 14,499. However, the settings promise to deliver an excellent user experience. For starters, 4K resolution comes with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos technologies. With the help of LG ThinQ Artificial Intelligence, picture and sound can be further optimized with the AI ​​Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro functions.

The model is also equipped with Eye Comfort technology, to make the colors less aggressive to the users’ vision. For gamers, the TV offers compatibility with Nvidia’s G-Sync, plus Gaming Optimizer and 1ms response time. The technical sheet is complete with the OLED Motion function, which promises to make the image more fluid in any scenario.

With pure black and infinite contrast, the LG OLED65G1Z model is a highlight of the South Korean company — Photo: Divulgação/LG

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