Live, Datena rebuts a journalist, clarifies controversy about the end of Brasil Urgente and sends a message

Datena clarifies the continuity of Brasil Urgente even if he leaves the Band (Image: Reproduction / Band)

José Luiz Datena sent the real thing about the future of Brazil Urgent in the schedule of Band in 2022. The presenter, candidate for the presidency of the Republic next year by the PSL, guaranteed the permanence of the attraction in the grid.

Datena reacted to the news by journalist Flávio Ricco, from R7, about his departure next year for the presidential election and, consequently, the end of journalistic being on the air for 20 uninterrupted years.

In a conversation with Catia Fonseca, in the screen division Melhor da Tarde/Brasil Urgente, the presenter explained: “There was a report saying that if I was a candidate for anything, the Band would have the objective of finishing the show. Nothing at all! Johnny Saad [presidente do Grupo Bandeirantes] you just confirmed to me that, even if I am a candidate, the program will continue”.

“Fortunately! He’s still with someone else. Even because there are a lot of Datena there, Joel, Vicente. They can continue in my place”, he considered. “If I’m elected to an executive position, I can’t be on television”, remembered.

“This conversation is good to reassure the people here. News comes out that give the perspective of more unemployed people. There is no such thing. If I come out as a candidate, and it’s scheduled for me to leave, Brasil Urgente will remain on the air. The show has been an audience leader for 20 years! How are you going to take it off the air and leave so many good people out of work? We have the best team of journalists and the best technical team in the country”, spiked.

In a recent interview, Datena spoke about her candidacy: “I’d rather face strong candidates than weak ones, as long as I know I’m in a position to turn things around in the 45th minute of the second half. Without condition, it’s not worth it. Then it would be easier to choose a position that I have a better chance of winning”.

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