Maiara and Maraisa celebrate hit on ‘The Voice Kids’ and say they see themselves in the participants: ‘We were dreamy children’ | 2021

“Izadora’s performance was impeccable, not only talking about the technical terms of timbre and tuning, but also about the stage presence she brought, playing like a true star of Brazilian music.”

“We get super happy and with a feeling of ‘mission accomplished’ to see children enjoying and singing our songs. What a love, guys!” he said mahara to Gshow.

Review Izadora Rodrigues singing ‘Medo Bobo’:

Izadora Rodrigues sings 'Fear Bobo'

Izadora Rodrigues sings ‘Fear Bobo’

The singer also revealed that the kids from the program they also make her and her twin remember their childhood, when they were already singing for fun.

“It’s a very strong feeling of joy and gratitude, because it’s as if we saw the two of us in them when we went on stage for the first time at age 5. We were dreamy children, but we had no idea what was to come, because everything was done only by the pleasure to sing, and not just in exchange for success. I hope we will be a reference for the next generations.”

Maiara & Maraisa’s career started early. The duo has been singing since the age of five! — Photo: Personal Archive

Maiara & Maraisa pose on the bus they used to do concerts — Photo: Personal Archive

Now, what advice would the duo, who now have years of experience on the road, give to little ones who dream of pursuing a musical career? marisa responds:

“It sounds cliché, but the best advice is: don’t give up and don’t let criticism. We’ve both given up a lot because of our dream. So we have to dream big because that’s what motivates us to achieve.”

Maiara and Maraisa give advice to kids — Photo: Disclosure

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