Maitê Proença’s ex helped dating Adriana Calcanhoto

Entrepreneur Zé Maurício Machline, former boyfriend of Maitê Proença, was responsible for joining the actress with composer Adriana Calcanhotto. The two artists are living a romance, according to the Extra newspaper.

According to the publication, Adriana, who is divided between Brazil and Portugal, was unable to travel during the pandemic. Maitê publicly complained about the difficulty of finding a new love. Zé Maurício, a friend of the two artists, brought them together at his home in Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro.

Zé and Maitê dated for three years, but remained friends after the breakup. An Instagram post on May 14, 2021, in which the three appear dancing together at the businessman’s mansion in Mambucaba, is the only record of Maitê and Adriana together.

The two have been seen hanging around together at dinners and small get-togethers at friends’ houses, and they make no attempt to hide their romance from anyone they already know.

“They’re a couple and they look pretty happy,” said a person close to the columnist. Maitê Proença preferred not to talk about the relationship, which would have started a few months ago.

“I’m not very open about my intimacy, I prefer to preserve some matters,” he said. On social networks, Adriana posted the print of the news and played with what she considered a grammatical error. “I told Veja that Maitê told Veja”, posted the singer, with a smile emoji in sequence. Maitê made a similar comment in the post, also questioning the way it was written.

Adriana Calcanhotto was married for 26 years to filmmaker Suzana de Moraes, who died in 2015 of cancer. Among Maitê Proença’s long relationships are: Paulo Marinho, with whom he lived for 12 years, and they had a daughter, Maria, in 1990; the filmmaker Edgar Moura, with whom he lived from 1996 to 2000; and press advisor Rodrigo Paiva, from 2004 to 2007. With information from Veja and Extra.