Maligno, The Suicide Squad, and Second Call: See Premiere List of Films and Series in Film and Streaming | open scene

If you love watching movies and series, whether on the big screen or on the small screen, it’s time to schedule what to watch on the weekend, because the schedule is packed with releases for all tastes! In the Open Scene podcast, Mikannn, Max Valarezo and PH Santos bring a list of premieres on the board. First row and comment on the highlights of the week.

• Evil – The director’s new movie James Wan enough already preparing the Halloween mood. Known for horror films, especially for the Mortal Games series, the first of the trilogy “Evil Summons” and “Supernatural”, the director has also made other genres, such as “The Fast and the Furious” and “Aquaman”.

“Maligno promises. The trailer is very beautiful, all the promotion work is very beautiful. I hope it is a reconnection work of James Wan from the old days,” he says PH Saints.

• Dog Patrol: The Movie – Film from the children’s series that already has 8 seasons, in this successful animation among children, the Canine Patrol fights to save the residents of Cidade da Aventura.

• Why Don’t You Cry? – Directed by Cybele Amaral and starring Barbara Peace, which has been very important for national cinema. Produced and set in the Federal District, it was at the Gramado Festival.

• SUK SUK – A Love Secret – Hong Kong film that has been saved since 2019 because of the pandemic and has run many festivals. It talks about homosexuality and brings a more mature homo-affective couple.

Especially when we talk about stories of homosexuality, homoaffective and everything else, nowadays it ends up focusing a lot on young people, people in their 20s or 30s discovering their first love. And I think it’s really cool when they manage to put more love into old age, like that”, he says Mikannn.

• An Inseparable Couple – National romantic comedy with Nathalia Dill, Junno Andrade and Danni Suzuki.

• The Last Forest – Documentary winner of the Panorama Show Audience Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

Second Call – Season 2 – “This national series is about public education. Linn da Quebrada and Deborah Bloch. The first season was highly praised, I’m looking forward to this one now,” he says Mikannn.

• 9/11 – Life under attack – Documentary that proposes a different look at 9/11. In 2021 it will be 20 years since the attacks on the World Trade Center.

• Suzie’s Dilemma – Series features the drama of a declining celebrity.

‘Shang-Chi’: Asian representation and fight scenes are the highlights of the Marvel film

• Lucifer: Season 6 (final)

• Late Night: Season 2

• Invisible Hunting – thriller/drama/adventure movie

• Kate – thriller/adventure movie

• JJ+E – swedish drama/romance film

• Us (2019) – horror/thriller film by the director Jordan Peel

• Amores Grosso (2000) – drama/crime movie

• Blood Brothers: Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X – documentary

• The Voyeurs – erotic thriller

LuLaRich – Season 1 – documentary miniseries

Travelers: Instinct and Desire — science fiction/adventure movie

Fear The Walking Dead – Season 6 — horror series

The Suicide Squad – new film by the director James Gunn, action/adventure

Doom Patrol – Destiny Patrol — comedy drama series

Paths of Memory — thriller/science fiction movie

Scenes from a Wedding – adaptation of the Swedish miniseries of ingmar bergman, 1973

• Doogie Kamealoha: Early Doctor – Season 1

• SparkShort: Twentysomething – American independent animated short film series produced by Pixar


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